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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Grunge Revloution

Hiya guys, how are you all today? Have you had a good saturday? Have you been busy, relaxing, shopping, working or cooking? Let me know down below, I want to know what you get up to on your saturdays/weekends. It's always nice to hear what people get up too, it's one of my my favourite things to ask customers when I've been working. I just feel it's interesting. Are you the same? Are you nosy with other people's lives, or are you just not that bothered. Which is most certainly fine if you feel this way! 

I also want to apologize for not posting as many outfit posts or even being able to upload my outfit from valentine's day...  Due to the wonderful & unpredictable Scottish weather, I always seem to be working when the sun decides to visit Scotland & of course, when I'm off it's raining. Typical. It wouldn't be life though if it decided to work out perfect, would it? But yes, back to no outfit posts. Ive also been working in the late afternoons/early evenings, so when I've finished work I'm 9/10 times not doing anything to have an outfit to show for, or it's too dark! But alas, light evenings have now begun here. So hopefully I'll have a lot more time to play around with in the evenings to shoot some outfit posts.

As a fashion/style blogger & style enthusiast, I really do feel it's important to share more casual outfits and what you wear when you aren't really trying too hard. But, still want to look stylish. You can keep the "chic" & "stylish" on your down days... Hence why I think it's awesome when bloggers share what they are wearing when they are just running about for the day. Sometimes you're more out there pieces & heels just aren't suitable! I feel my first outfit posts back have been more for those days when I'm not really busy but I am actually having to step out my front door... Although I do feel my day to day style is a bit more grungy & dark than my night time or dressing up style. I tend to go for really girly silhouettes when it comes to those times. 

As you can also see in these photos, I've started playing around a bit more with makeup. Although, I still go for the "au natural" look 98% of the time. I am enjoying the learning process of putting products on my face. I do want to learn more as I feel it is so fun and can really add alot more to an outfit sometimes! I can't promise I will be putting this much effort in all the time! But, you will at least see me wearing some lipstick with a bare face.

Also, can I just add how much I am in love with this Limecrime "salem" Velvetine?! The colour is just out of this world and soooo beautiful! It's the perfect 90s, brown grunge, lippie! I can't help but feel super badass in it. I'm sure I will be putting this bad boy on my lips a lot! I'll try not to overuse it. Too much anyway. Speaking of brown, 90s grunge lippies, Limecrime have actually brought out another called teddy bear, it is also very dreamy and on my wishlist.


I was actually visiting my grandparents today, hence why I needed a casual yet cool look. Just as well I didn't go out and put heels on as we ended up walking up the highstreet. I'm not sure I could have been bothered with actually having to walk in my heels today... Sometimes it's just nice to put on heels to look good. If you know what I mean? You know, when you are actually just going to be sitting for most of the day, but the heels just add that extra glam or something. But yes, I wanted easy glam today. So rose gold pointed flats it was.

 Jacket- Topshop
Bag- Vintage (from my Gran)
Jumper- Next similar here
Skirt- Choies
Shoes- Missguided similar here
Lipstick- Limecrime in Salem
Eyes- Revolution Makeup palette here

Outfit Details
So, I have a confession. I actually wore this outfit a few weeks ago. I don't really care much about recycling outfits, in fact, I encourage it. You know something also looks great & you feel great in it, why not throw it back on when you can't be bothered? Saves a lot of time & stress. It's still a little chilly in Scotland, so I remember wanting to wear this jumper because it was warm, it's also great for throwing on & looking great because of the boxy fit. Tucking it into the skirt also helped show off the top of the skirt which I think is great because of the cute little peplum. 

I instantly feel put together and comfy in this skirt, which is one of the reasons I always thrown it on! I went for my topshop bomber because I wanted to tie in with the orange jumper & I think brown looks great with orange. In my opinion. Again, wanting to try and keep to the same kind of colours, I chose the skirt & bag because 1) the shoes have white on them, 2) the shoes are also super chic & comfy and 3) I couldn't be bothered choosing another bag. The white on the shoes really sold it for me to put them on...


Friday, 4 March 2016

Belgium Extra Footage

Hiya guys, so earlier this week I showed you my highlights from Belgium, if you haven't seen it already just go here to catch up. So, I also uploaded all the footage I did not include onto my vlog channel. I decided to just put all 3 videos into one post for you guys, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did looking back on it.


Ariana Grande for Lipsy

So on Wednesday, we saw the launch of the beautiful mini popstar, Ariana Grande for Lipsy. & boy were we not disappointed! Of course the collection has her touches and style all over it. It has her signature feminine silhouettes, cuteness and sexiness. As soon as I heard that she was the next celebrity to be working with Lipsy, I felt dread and excitement! Excitement, because I knew it was going to be extremely beautiful & feminine. And the dread? The dread because I was going to want ALL OF IT. I knew it was going to be quite "girly" & "pink" but I'm glad to see she also used a lot of white and black. Even though it's pink, and that can be quite daunting for a lot of people, the use of different tones works well especially with all the little details she's added onto a lot of her dresses.

With this collection I feel she really has catered to a lot of people's tastes, she has the classic little black dress as well as the little white dress. She has bodycon fits, she has prom styles as well as frills galore. Plus, with a few of the items I feel with the right styling you would be able to pull them off as daywear as well. Which is what we all love right? A bit of versatility in our lives. I also feel that with such a variety of styles/items women & girls of all ages will be able to get something from this collection.

As I work at Next, we have a lipsy attached onto our store, so over the last few weeks I've been getting sneak previews here and there! I could not wait for wednesday... Just to see it all out in its glory. I think the colour scheme is definitely perfect for right now, as we are coming right into summer! So the bright colours, pinks & whites, are perfect. 

I could not wait to decide what I wanted to get so I tried on about 4-5 items today after work! If I could, I would have everything below... But let's be honest, life doesn't work like that does it? I ended up going for the black frilly prom dress, and I've also put the beautiful white baroque skirt on hold... Which I've decided I'm just going to bite the bullet and go for it! Also, to be honest, for lipsy prices I think everything isn't bad at all! Don't get me wrong they are still a bit pricier than your average shop, but the prices for this collection runs from about £35- £68 and that's for the maxi dress.

Here are my favourite Items. Links below.

See the rest of the collection here.

Disclaimer: Although I have stated that I do work for Next and we have a lipsy shop attached, I am not being paid by any of the companies mentioned, or by my work to do this post. I just loved the collection and wanted to share that with you guys! That's what blogging is all about right?!

Monday, 29 February 2016

My Trip to Belgium

Hiya, I hope you enjoy watching this video! I think its my best editing yet! Ive also got all the behind the scenes on my vlog channel. Im also still waiting for nice weather to shoot what I wore for Valentines day! So hopefully the weather gods are good to us soon! For now you can enjoy this ;)

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Y.R.U Unboxing!

I hope you enjoy my YRU unboxing, I thought it would be a pretty good video to post on fashion thursdays! Let me know what you think below & how you would style them! Speak soon <3


Monday, 22 February 2016

What To Choose For Work?

Hiya guys, sorry I've not posted in awhile! I had a week or so there where I was just crashing after work & napping... I'm sorry. I got stuck in a bit of a rut, so it's made me realise I need to look at my blog planning more and schedule as many posts where I can so I don't get stuck in a rut! Unfortunately, I'm one of those people that if I miss a target or goal I can loose a bit of motivation and become mad at myself. I'm trying to learn to let that go. So this week I'm going to keep to my aim for at least 2 posts a week and schedule posts for the upcoming weeks while I have the motivation to work on my blog! I feel it's really important, more so personally for myself, to keep to a routine though. Sticking to my blog schedule (find here).

I'm determined to not let it get me down if I do miss a post, as we are only human and it is ok! Or at least thats what im trying to get into my head... Plus, this time around, I really don't want to put up haphazard posts that I'm not entirely happy with. This year I really want to work on giving you the best quality I can. If I'm not 100% happy with something, I don't want to just post it because I "have" to keep to a schedule. As ill just be more upset with myself that I let the standard slip!

Anyways, now that I've explained all that onto my post! So on saturday at work, my manager pulled me over and said I had been selected for more uniform, but specifically more tailored looks. Of course I was honored and jumped at the chance! It's my life & enjoyment to put looks together, so to then have the opportunity to have that cross over into work is brilliant. Plus, anything to get the creative juices flowing! She said they were looking for more quirky looking outfits, to help customers feel my confident at wearing different styles or get more ideas from what we wearing.

I thought this would be a great post to do for lifestyle as it's to do with my work and working is pretty much a part of everyone's life! Hence why I'm not doing this post on thursday where the topic is fashion! Anyways, I hope you like my picks and maybe get some inspiration.

Satin Black Culottes

Orange Print Dress (Have this already!)

Navy Taper Trousers
Floral Wide Leg Trousers
Textured Floral Trousers
Berry Slouched Trousers
Grey Slouched Trousers
Navy Striped Slouched Trousers

Navy Stripe Skirt
Purple Floral Skirt
Berry Skirt

As you can see, I there's a lot I have my eye on and they are all favourites! This is just a small selection of what Next actually have to offer for their office wear. I also just want to point out this is NOT SPONSORED! I do actually work at Next and as I pointed out earlier, I really do feel this is a lifestyle post as it is my real life and I'm sure workwear is important for a lot of you! I was just so excited to be selected that I wanted to share that & my ideas with you. I love Next as a shop and I have done since I was about 14/15, so I love that I get a uniform allowance, plus I just walk around all day window shopping! As well as actually working of course...

What's your favourite?
What do you think I should go for?

I'd love to hear your thoughts so please let me know below!

Monday, 15 February 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Hiya guys! I've got another video for you today, I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day, even if you spent it with your family & friends! Its what its all about :)


Saturday, 13 February 2016

Limecrime Venus 1 & 2 Swatches

I hope you like my first swatches video, I should have another one up for you soon as well.


Friday, 12 February 2016

London 2014, Day 1

So most of you by now will probably have seen my London Highlights video by now, but if not there is still time to watch, it isn't long! So I decided to upload all the extra footage on my new vlog channel just in case you wanted to see what we actually got up to & talked about. I have done three separate videos, just day by day, so it wasn't a really really long video. Anyways, I hope you enjoy Day 1.


Saturday, 6 February 2016

London, July 2014

Here are some of the photos I took, when we went to London. Which was agesss ago now! I should have probably done it already but, I have two outfit posts coming from london as well. So I look forward to showing you them, even though I probably look a lot different now! My hair for starters... Well anyway, enjoy these for now!

Photogtaphy- HayleyMG Photography

This is all I have for now, there is still plenty more to come. For now you can catch my highlights on my Youtube Channel & next week you can see the extra footage on my Vlog Channel.
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