Friday, 6 July 2012


Sorry i havent been around in a while, i was away on holiday for a week in Estertit, with Chris and his parents. These are the photos from when we went to Edinburgh, Chris took me to an expensive french restaurant. Chris surprised me and proposed! I couldnt be happier, of course i said yes! I know we ve only been together for what some people would call a short time but i dont care i know i want to spend my life with him. He has helped me so much and been there for me alot. We have so much in common, we re just the exact same person at times its crazy! I love him so much and feel so happy to have him!

We stayed in the George Hotel and it was beautiful! It was very classy and nice. I took a few photos of when you first walked in and of the room we stayed in. Sorry this post is going to be full of photos! So heres the inside of the hotel itself.

 Heres the room that we had

The bed was so comfy! 

I really liked the bathroom, i have a bit of a fetish for nice bathrooms in hotels :P i know im weird! 

Mini smellys! I did take them home with me...

Me and my gorgeous Fiancee! 

Here are a few photos of the Maison Bleu and what i ate

I had haggis balls for starter and morrocan lamb shank with cous cous which was all amazing! 

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