Sunday, 16 September 2012


Hiya everyone how are you all today? What does everyone else do on their normal lazy sunday? Today  me and Chris actually did something, we went to a christening. It was Chris' wee cousin, Arianne. She looked gorgeous in a wee white flowery dress! We went to a smallish church in one of the surrounding villages, Houston, then we went and had a buffet. I have now mastered the whole buffet thing, i used to be so shy at taking food. Now im not worried about piling my plate full of food! I was pretty stuffed, i don't feel bad about eating so much though because it was all pretty healthy stuff. 

I thought this outfit was perfect for the event. I had worn it before but i have been really wanting somewhere to wear it again and for some kind of event so last night it just came to me that i should wear this again. I didn't get a chance to photograph it before. The dress was actually a present from Chris and he chose it. I have actually fallen in love with this dress and the whole outfit. I think it just fits perfectly and the shape is gorgeous. Green is also one of my favourite colours, so i think he's done a fantastic job! So proud of him, he is very good at picking things out for me. I think im going to do 2 outfits chosen by him each month then post them, i have very good faith in him. The shoes were an absolute steal! When i first laid my eyes on them i had to have them, i fell in love. They are Carvela by Kurt Geiger heels and at an original intimidating £160 originally, i got them for £50! I found them on ebay and were only worn once.

I nearly didn't have them because i contacted the seller and offered £50 for them, she said that wasn't enough. So she just let them be bid on and they went for £30. A few days later i received a message from the seller saying it was a time waster and if i still wanted them for £50! I didn't really have the money but i couldn't say no i just had to have them and be silly with money. I do always think things through before i purchase things so i very rarely hardly just have a reckless buy. They are pretty high, but they are so damn comfy! Ive been wearing them all day, walking around and nothing. 

Sorry my legs are so pale :P its what scotland does to you! Tell a lie ive always been pale!

Coat- Topshop
Clutch- Clarks in a Charity Shop
Heels- Carvela by Kurt Geiger on Ebay
Lipstick- Rouge Coco Dior Legende 
Bracelet- Dorothy Perkins
Glasses- Asos

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