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Friday, 23 November 2012


Hiya everyone, just though i would say sorry for not being around! Its been very hard to try and get outfit photos recently! The weather in Scotland has been terrible, its ether; raining,windy or freezing! Plus (because im quite lazy, well im not im a night owl so im up all night and in bed all day) when im getting up at like 1 or 2 o'clock in the afternoon by the time ive got ready and done whatever was needing done its night time already. By 4pm where i am, its dark! So ive not been able to post. I should probably do a post on recent purchases just to update the blog and give yous something to see! I can promise a few posts next month and at least 1 outfit post as its my birthday on Monday!

All i know whats happening is im going to Edinburgh, Chris (my fiancée and photographer) has planned a few surprises for me. I wasnt meant to know it was Edinburgh, but bless him he let it slip! SO youll hear all about it then! For now its goodbye. I just wanted to let you all know im still here and explain my absence! Goodbye! :)

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