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Saturday, 1 December 2012


Hiya everyone, so i have a problem and i want to share it with you all. Well a few.

1) I have currently run out of photo space on my blog and i would like to know how to resolve this? How do i get more space without paying for it. Or if you have any suggestions how to edit my photos smaller without losing the good detail and resolution.

2) I want to re-do alot of my outfits on my blog, try harder with posing and edit them better. Just basically re-do my outfits and do them properly. Should i just delete them all now then re-do? Or re-do then delete? Or should i just delete every post ive done and start again. I mean youve joined my blog for a reason, you like my style. That isnt changing just id be re-starting again.

Please help me out here guys because i dont know what to do with ether problem! LOL

Love Hayley xx
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