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Thursday, 21 June 2012


Here are some of the photos i took in Edinburgh, it was pretty miserable the first day and a bit rainy! But the second day was gorgeous! So we went exploring to take some photos and found this place! I would say i have definitely fallen in love with this city, its old, and busy. It has loads of individual cool cute places to eat. It has loads of vintage shops which im just in love with! Im going to save up and go for a shopping trip there :) Im so so so happy that im 15 mins from Glasgow ans just an hours train journey from Edinburgh. Im so close to the 2 top cities in Scotland which is so lucky!! I have also got some very exciting brilliant news to tell you all! But i shall wait till later to tell you ;) 

Edinburgh Castle

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Thursday, 14 June 2012


I have finally gotten my creepers! I wanted a pair that i hadnt seen anywhere else, and i found a pair! A union jack pattern from Viper London , an online shop. They are underground creepers. Remember  the post WHAT TO BUY? Ive saved money and gotten both of them! So here they are! arent they beautiful? Cant wait to wear them already have a few outfits planned for them! Plus i got a bonus pay off college for being in 80-90% attendance, so these are what i bought!

Buy them here from Viper London 

The website does some cool rocky kind of stuff, you should check it all out :) Im so glad ive finally got some creepers! I cant wait to wear them and start posting! ive already got some outfits planned! Oh and ive just realised i only took photos of the 1 shoe, i did get another one, i got a pair so dont worry! :P 

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Saturday, 2 June 2012


So ive been wanting glasses like these for a long time! So when i seen that Asos had some in their sale for £3! I couldnt resist! Ive always liked geek chic, but i think its because im quite awkward as a person and get in peoples way. So i feel out of alot of styles out there it kind of really suits my personality. We've had some quite nice weather recently in Scotland it makes me so much happier and enthused to take outfit photos, it inspires me more. Ive also started to gain more confidence in front of the camera to pose and move around more. I think it really takes something to be able to do that. Ive always had a tad jealousy of other bloggers who have been able to move around and create some awesome poses. I now feel that i can also do this though so im glad. 

I really have got an obsession with this cardigan, i love the style and thickness of it! My little envelope box bag aswell, when  first purchased it, it was totally an impulse buy. I never thought id get any wear out of it and i recently really seem to be able to get use out of it, so im pretty happy! Ive also noticed with my style i really like to mix prints and i do! So many people have commented on it and said good mixture of prints so i think im starting to recognise what my style is maybe becoming, having a bit of a signature look to it.  Im really loving the aztec prints this season and im glad my cardigan is like that, i never meant to buy it just because it was like that. My boyfriend is also getting into the aztec prints, with this jumper and polo shirt hes just got. Im also having fun taking pic of my Chris while he takes photos of me aswell, also means i get to practice my photography :) Scroll down to see me. 

Here is what i wore:


 Bag- River Island
Heels- New Look
Shirt- Charity Shop
Cardigan- New Look
Jeans- New Look
White Socks- Tescos 
Glasses- Asos
Lipstick- Clinique, Flamingo Colour

Photos by Chis Lowe
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