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Sunday, 29 July 2012


I cant believe thats the olympics started! I think im gonna to chat more on here about my personal likes, hobbies and interests. I dont really chat that much about anything on here. So i am going to start today! I am actually a huge huge fan of the olympics and sports. Ten years ago when it was announced the olympics was going to here in the uk i was super super excited and happy! I was pretty confident i was going to be running 100m :D I love all things sporty really, im gonna tune into the horse riding events (i used to have a horse and ride), love the gymnastics as i used to do it when i was younger and loved it! I will also be tuning into the races as i love that aswell. Im going to try and watch as much as i can! So that is why i have named this look "Old Olympic Dreams", plus i was wearing red and my union jack creepers today :).
I have been wanting to showcase this skirt to you all for ages! But i just hadn't had the chance to put it on yet, me and Chris went for a nice meal to TGI Fridays. Its a shame in the pics its miserable weather because now, after the meal, its oh so sunny! Sods law though isnt it? So during the day ive been wearing my creepers then to make it more dressed up i put my black frilly socks form Topshop on and my red suede sandals, which i dont wear as often as i should do as they really are a stunning colour!

Earings- New Look
Necklace- Birthday present off my little brother
Lipstick- Limecrime shade Glamour 101 buy here
Bracelets- Tiffany, River Island
Top- Primark
Skirt- Henry Holland buy things here
Bag- New Look
Black frilly Socks- Topshop buy here
Red Socks- New Look
Heels- International
Creepers- Underground Creepers buy here

Saturday, 21 July 2012


Sorry i havent posted an outfit in a while, the weather here in Scotland is so bipolar! Plus the days it has been nice all day ive been having lazy gross days and havent wanted to be in my nice clothes. I wore my new creepers today! They are super comfy, in love with them already! They are much heavier than id thought they would be, but they are still pretty easy to wear. Our shower has broken so we have been currently going over to Chris parents house for showers. So ive just come back form seeing the film "Seeing a friend to the end of the World", it was really good! There was a girl in it who wore everything she had never worn to a dinner party and im thinking of doing an outfit of just things i havent worn. Also Kiera Knightlys character wore a really cool outfit, just a run and go outfit, of a nice pink dress converses and a warmish coat. I think i might do an end of the world outfit, something really extravagant but easy enough to run around in!

Bag- Vintage
Tshirt/dress- Minute Mirth
Lipstick- Limecrime buy here


Monday, 16 July 2012


My babies have arrived! THey arrived a few weeks ago now, but i have managed to post them up yet! There are a few more new items that i need to show you aswell :) Now back to these, remember i posted ages about these and the creepers? Well i ended up with both because i got a bonus payment off college for being in 100% :D Ive been waiting for these for ages becuae they were only pre-ordered. THen they finally came. Arent they beautiful?! If you havent heard of Black Milk you should certainly check them out! I dont have anything by them but i do have a few pairs of Jeffrey Campbells now, but they are so comfy! 

Buy here at Solestruck It is a pretty awesome site so go check it out! 

Friday, 6 July 2012


Sorry i havent been around in a while, i was away on holiday for a week in Estertit, with Chris and his parents. These are the photos from when we went to Edinburgh, Chris took me to an expensive french restaurant. Chris surprised me and proposed! I couldnt be happier, of course i said yes! I know we ve only been together for what some people would call a short time but i dont care i know i want to spend my life with him. He has helped me so much and been there for me alot. We have so much in common, we re just the exact same person at times its crazy! I love him so much and feel so happy to have him!

We stayed in the George Hotel and it was beautiful! It was very classy and nice. I took a few photos of when you first walked in and of the room we stayed in. Sorry this post is going to be full of photos! So heres the inside of the hotel itself.

 Heres the room that we had

The bed was so comfy! 

I really liked the bathroom, i have a bit of a fetish for nice bathrooms in hotels :P i know im weird! 

Mini smellys! I did take them home with me...

Me and my gorgeous Fiancee! 

Here are a few photos of the Maison Bleu and what i ate

I had haggis balls for starter and morrocan lamb shank with cous cous which was all amazing! 

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