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Monday, 8 October 2012


I havent shown you alot of my photography these past months! Ive just been too lazy to edit, but today i   worked my way through some of the photos that needed doing! These are mainly from my holiday in Estertit, Spain back in July! I went with Chris and his mum and dad. You should also check out his photography So sorry for the delays, ill mention underneath each photo where i took them so you know whats what. So anyway here are some for now :)

I do copyright all my photos aswell so please dont take any without permission if you do want to use any photos from this blog you need to link back and ask my permission please!

Make sure you check out MY PHOTOGRAPHY PAGE thank you.

Cycle Path, Kilbarchan

Spain, Estertit

I really fell in love with this part at the beach it was stunning, the house with the purple flowers was awesome. I tried to get more photos but i just couldnt get it all in! Also i fell in love with this old school moped, i took so many different photos and compositions! So im deffo going to put up a few more photos of it. 

Sorry for having so many! Which is your favourite one? I cant pick lol 


Thursday, 4 October 2012


A few weeks ago a friend contacted me and asked if i would take her photos for her Make up assignments. Of course i said yes! I really want to get as many fashion/beauty shots as i can as theres really where i want to specialise. I really am in love with it, not as in a girly girl way so that means of course i love it. Especially when i see editorial photography my eyes just light up and i have a little buzz inside of me.  So anyway, back to the photos! Her first assignment is i think called Autumn and is mainly about the hair and of course to do with Autumn. She got her friend to model for her, who i think has a gorgeous colour of hair that really matches this assignment! It goes so well with the colours of Autumn. I edited them with an orangey tinge to match the theme and the season. I also helped with the styling, the cardi, glasses and bag are mine. I hope you all like them! Im so proud of them because its my first time ever taking photos for someone and doing something a bit fashioney and beauty wise. Plus ive grown in so much confidence in using photoshop now. Please give me any feedback aswell. So here they are! Dont for get to like my photography page on facebook!

CAN I PLEASE REMIND EVERYONE, ITS NOT ME IN THESE PHOTOS I WAS THE PHOTOGRAPHER! -  keep getting comments insinuating that its me in the photos and its not :)

HayleyMG Photography
Let me know what you think!

Styling- Me (the cardi,glasses & bag are mine)
Photgraphy- HayleyMG (me)
Make up & Hair- Cara Smith
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