Thursday, 16 May 2013


Hiya everyone! Had a good day? Me and Chris went for some lunch with his mum at Bernies Cafe. I did not dress up today as i was too lazy but fortunately for you lot i had an outfit i had yet to post. Its what i wore on sunday to go to Chris parents for some dinner. We were lucky to even get to photograph this outfit, as there was an interval from raining then afterwards it chucked it down. I dont even think it had been that heavy all day until we literally stopped shooting. Talk about luck! It was as if the universe wanted me to get the photos ;) 

The reason im having a lazy day is because im really tired today, i havent been sleeping well the past few nights and i have no idea why. As soon as im wanting to sleep (as its already late) I just seem to be wide awake and the birds are wanting to talk. Not good. I need to try and get an early night tonight though as i have a few things that need to be urgently sorted out tomorrow! 

I wore this originally in Paris (and because i am/was a bad blogger then i didnt get photos of it in a pretty fantastic place to photograph. BUT in my defence i really dont like to pose/model in front of people as i feel like a vain twat.) and i really loved it. I love the cool casualness of it and how super comfy it is. We were walking around all day so i was not about to put heels onto my poor little feet. Plus i love that these flatforms really add to my height which is a major plus for me as i do like some added height to my petiteness. I also thought because it was a pretty wacky outfit and we were in a "fashionable" city people around me would also adore it as much as i did. Oh how one can be wrong. The looks i continued to get the whole time i was in Paris was crazy. I guess the outfits i had picked to wear out there would of looked much better in the surroundings of London and its wacky street style. 

I totally misjudged the styling situation. As i looked around myself i noticed how mature, chic and minimal Parisian style was. I really do wish i had kind of researched outfit choices before i went. So next time i go, i will be wearing my smarter side of my wardrobe. 

Top- Topshop
Skirt- Topshop buy here
Jacket- Vintage (from my uncle)
Flatforms- Office valentines gift 
Hat- ASOS buy here
Bag- Romwe buy here


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