Friday, 31 May 2013


Heya everyone. Been another sunny day! Me and Chris picked up Chris' mum from work again and were very kindly treated too some lunch again. I have no idea why Scotland has been so lucky with the weather recently. We are surely going to get an absolute pour down soon :( BUT luckily our sofa-bed arrived for the spare room, as we have invested in some studio equipment so we can make a start on getting clients. So it means i will have somewhere to take some photos, with good lighting! So hopefully ill never have to struggle with blogging again. I much prefer proper studio lights when taking photos inside because the lighting can be so poor. Plus i think it can look more professional as some light bulbs give off a sort of yellowish-tint to the photos and i personally really dont like that! 

I didnt get any pictures of my lunch, but we were treated to some cakes aswell and i got a victoria sponge cage which i have photographed! It was massive! I did not realise it was that big and i couldnt finish it. It was THE BEST victoria cake i had ever eaten... 

When me and Chris came back i had to drop off a parcel which had been mistaken for our address. After handing it over the elderly gentleman he said he had also gotten a few of my parcels before. The street names are the same (not going to say my address on the big wide web) except for one extra word being added so i guess there is a valid reason. We went for another walk as the weather was nice to the shops, this time to get fizzy juice and i again was treated to some treats! So im going to munch on them untill our gammon steaks defrost so we can eat dinner...

I came up with this outfit a few weeks ago and because i always day dream outfits and forget them i have a little pink book where i write outfit ideas into. I have wanted to wear this dress again for ages, so i thought today would be a good day too. Im so in love with this chunky Office shoes (they currently have 20% off ends 4th June), i love that they are a classic design of loafers and are edgy with the big platform. Plus i really love flatforms as im a shortie and it means i dont get sore feet as you do with heels. The cardigan is just to give me a little warmth in case there was a slight wind. 

Dress- Max C London at TKMaxx
Cardigan- Charity Shop
Flatforms- Office (currentley have 20% off ends ends 4th june)
Handbag- Ebay buy here
Sunglasses- New York

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