Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Hiya everyone sorry ive recently been MIA. Ive just had a bad couple of days, ive been feeling quite down and low in my mood. I tried to get some outfit photos yesterday as we had a beautiful hot day in Scotland, but i really wasnt feeling it. I just didnt have the energy and enthusiasm to model/pose. It has really annoyed me that i havent posted anything the past couple of days because i really was on roll with posting again. I was really starting to enjoy it, then i had to be hit with my low moods. But it dosent matter now, i have picked myself up and im going to get right back into blogging again. 

Today we were once again hit with some glorious weather. We didn't just have the sun making an appearance but we also had some hot temperatures to go with it! Normally, we have the sun out but its a still a bit nippy in the air so we decided to make good use of it and have a bbq! We went round to Chris parents house as they have a pretty awesome all singing and all dancing bbq and plus they had more food in than us :P. We had some burgers, sausages, pork steaks and some pasta! Needless to say i am now stuffed and un-able to move for the next hour or two. Unfortunately though, as were sitting down to eat the clouds began to appear, so the sun was disappearing and there was a chilly wind. Sods Law. 

I just wore something pretty casual and summery today. I wanted something pretty girly yet smart and casual. Also i wanted to show off my blue legs as for once it was actually warm enough! So i came up with this. I really do love these suede/faux-leather boots as they are extremely comfy and easy to throw on with anything. Im still annoyed at myself for not also investing in the black ones because they are just the perfect little ankle boots and the height of them are just perfect for running around in. I also threw on my trusty Topshop bomber jacket just in case it did turn cold and also i thought it would kind of balance out how much skin was on show. We are in Scotland after all and it isnt really wise to go out in a complete spanish weather kind of outfit as you will always be caught out. We can experience 3/4 seasons in a day and the weather is pretty much ALWAYS different in the morning to the afternoon. So i was prepared. I also put on my new H&M brown sunglasses to match my bomber. 

Dress- Tesco
Coat- Topshop
Boots- H&M
Bag- New Look
Glasses- H&M buy here
Necklace- Next
Bracelet- Next

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