Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Hiya everyone! How are you all doing? Its been a really lovely sunny day again, here in Scotland! It was a bit greyish for 2 days but the temperature was still high! Im just glad that we are getting a 2nd chance with the sun this summer, as last year it was quite bleak and depressing. I personally think just with the sun being out your spirits are lifted and you feel happier. Not only that, there are activities you can do that money isn't needed for. Like going for walks, to the beach (if you are near one) and bike rides like we did last Saturday, i do have photos for you aswell as an outfit post from then. But i just havent got round to editing the photography and choosing my outfit photos. Aswell as the photos form Silloth. I do promise that i am going to try and get some of the photography from Silloth edited tonight and i will schedule them to post automatically tomorrow.

Today as usual on Wednesday, we went out for lunch with Chris' grandparents. We went to Xscape as theres loads of food places there. We went into Frankie & Bennys, i am very sorry but i forgot to take my phone out with me so i dont even have any insta-pics of the food for your mouth to water at! Although i will try my hardest at describing them cleverly for you, so your mind can do all the work! Thus creating your mouth to water ;) Well here goes!

(Imagine a sexy french accent describing it to you, not my awkward english- slightly scottish twang voice)

To start with, one had 5 (no not 4) very large meaty chicken wings. Covered in Louisiana hot sauce, which made your taste buds come alive and dance.Then one had Sister Rosarias Lamb Shank for main. Oh yes, not just ANY lamb shank, this one was Sister Rosarias Lamb Shank. As a side there was generous portion of thick creamy mashed potato, that just melts in your mouth. Oh and dont forgot the most famous addition to this meal, the mint gravy. With added Rosemary. 

Is it working? Is your mouth watering? Please let me know below ;) I tried my hardest!

Now onto todays outfit. As i seen it was nice weather i wanted to wear something light and cooling. I remembered i had this dress and because it was quite baggy i thought i would try and take some inspiration from Sara from Waiste. GO CHECK HER BLOG! She has quite a bohemian hippy vibe to her style and i just adore it! Although it may not be something she may wear id still say i took inspiration from her especially adding something over the top of the dress. She has an amazing collection of cardis & kimonos, i dont so i thought this shirt would give it the effect i was looking for! Aswell the hippy bag and i was ready to go! So Sara, if you see this i hope you like it! <3  

Oh and by the way, sorry for the photo heavy post! 

Dress- Car Boot Sale (but from Jamaica)
Checked Shirt- New Look
Bag- Car Boot (Primark)
Frilly Socks- Topshop buy here
Shoes- Converse
Sunglasses- H&M buy here

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