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Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Hi guys, sorry ive been so MIA. My head has been up my arse to be honest and i've been too lazy too blog or do anything. But today i have decided i need to get myself sorted as i have a backload of posts and videos to show you! I did have a haul video for you guys but as i was editing, i realised it hadnt copied all of the video onto my laptop. I then spent about 2 hours trying to sort it out and my memory card fucked up, so i decided to leave it to another day. So i think i will attempt to get it up tonight so i can start working on my Edinburgh post & video for you guys :). I have a really busy next few days as im away this weekend with all my dads side on holiday. I havent even packed. So i need to try and get up earlyish so i can get a few posts up before i go and can pack. I really dont want to be rushing packing as i will just stress myself out and not be happy when i arrive. 

I am going to try and attempt at getting at least 2 or 3 outfit posts while im there, but will have to see. For starters, i dont have my photographer with me. So i am taking a light tripod, that is if i can work Chris' remote if not i just need to really hope i can train one of my family members in using an Nikon SLR camera, which could be very interesting. I am excited about going, its the first holiday ive ever had with my younger brother. I went shopping the other day to pick up few bits, i then came home and realised i had left the bag somewhere... I was so annoyed! Id spent about £15 on beauty bits and didnt want to have to spend that again as it would have then been £30 spent. I re-tracked my steps to Primark and popped back in today and someone had handed the bag in! I was super happy! 

Today, i just threw my outfit together. I chose the top first and i didnt really know where i was going with it, but i knew i was considering a skirt and a grungy styled look. I decided to add the checked shirt as its a classic 90s grunge staple plus i had chosen to wear this skirt, so i wanted to add some colour somewhere. The reason i chose this skirt and not the i originally wore in Paris (I did post the outfit but i didnt wear the same skirt with the outfit that i had done in Paris) is because i hadn't worn it yet. I added these shoes because i wanted to wear some heels and they matched the black & white colouring of the skirt and its the same reason for the socks, they matched the top. 

Shirt- Georges at Asda
Skirt- Topshop
Hat- Asos
Bag- Vintage
Shoes- New Look
Socks- New Look
Lipstick- Brighton Rock at Topshop
Necklace- Primark
Bracelet- River Island

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