Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Hey guys, sorry i didnt post yesterday, i did have plans too but unfortunately had a little accident! As i mentioned the other day, we were popping to the vets to get our bunnies nails clipped. When travelling we keep them separated because we havent been able to mix them yet. So one of them is in a proper pet carrier and the other is in a make shift cardboard one. Tommy on the way there peed, so when we got into the vet room i opened up the box so i could lift him and give him a cuddle. It wasn't until i put him back down and felt wet that id realised the fur on his paws had soaked his pee all up! I looked down and there was two big yellowish wet stains on my pale pink dress. Gutted. I was annoyed a little as i really wanted to post yesterday, especially that outfit. I wasnt annoyed at Tommy, how can i be annoyed at his cute little face? I was just annoyed because its my luck! lol! 

So today was the usual routine, lunch with Chris grandparents. We do this because it means we get to see them frequently and it gives them a day out and some company. So today we went to Table Table, which is a Brewsters Fayre. Its cheap and cheerful, great food thats going to fill you up, but fantastically priced! I had breaded camembert to start with and a mixed grill. It tasted awesome! 

Instagram- @hayley_mg

I dont know how i came up with this outfit. I was rushing to get out the door and felt like a jean day. There was another outfit id planned to wear last night but theres something im wanting to complete the outfit before i show it to you guys. I guess i was going for a sort of grunge look with the checked shirt and it matched my green t-shirt. I also wanted to be a bit different with the "Mum jeans" so i added some heels. I dont think many people style their mum jeans with heels, ive seen one person do it and i think its really cool. What are your thoughts on styling Mom jeans? Im really loving my beanie hat at the moment, i love how laid back it can automatically make an outfit feel. What do you think? 

T-shirt- New Look (was my mums)
Shirt- Georges at Asda (food store)
Mum Jeans- Lee Cooper, Vintage from ebay
Heels- ebay
Bag- New Look
Hat- Asos buy here
Lipstick- Bobbi Brown Black Raspberry buy here

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