Saturday, 19 October 2013


Hey guys, how are you all? Its been such a miserable day today! This morning it poured it down and it was all foggy, which to be honest, my first thought was "That will really make some nice photos!". It has cleared up a little throughout the rest of the day, but still miserable enough to remember that yes, it is the winter. I am very determined to keep up with my blogging throughout this winter, even though it can be very temperamental with the weather. I know i've mentioned that i invested in some studio lighting (for my blog and photography) but i still want to use the outside as much as possible! Using inside for photos is more of a "last resort". 

Today me and Chris went to braehead because there was a pair of shoes i was wanting from the Topshop Sale. They weren't an impulse buy, for about a month or so now every time i've gone into braehead Topshop i've picked them up and held onto them for (what seemed like a lifetime to me) a few minutes. As soon as i set my eyes on them it was love at first sight. But the scary £65 price tag really threw me off. So when i found out they had been added to the sale, i was over the moon! So with my student discount the babies only came to £27! Not bad eh? 

Jacket- Vintage
Jumper- No idea, present from Chris' mum
Skirt- Topshop
Bag- Market abroad
Heels- Asos

I was just going for something comfy/casual today but i wanted a pair of heels on! I did struggle what heels to pick out of three, but Chris and i both agreed that these went best because they stood out so much. The reason i selected these to be one of the pairs to put on is because the green is more like a lime and i thought they really matched the yellow in my jumper. As well as making a bit of a statement, which i was kind of going for. I threw on this jacket because i thought it added a more "mature, chic" feel to my outfit, as well as matching my green heels. I chose the bag because obviously its green and i thought it helped keep the casual feel to my look.

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