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Sunday, 24 November 2013


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Here is an old haul video that i hadn't managed to get up. The reason for this is my SD corrupted the video as i was transferring it to my laptop, so i thought id lost it. It wasn't until the other day that i realised i still had it on my camera! So i decided to post it anyway ;) Everyone loves a good haul don't they? Any suggestion are welcome down below! 

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Saturday, 23 November 2013


I've had such an awesome day today! As you can see from the post title, we went down to see our venue in Selkirk which is near the scottish borders, oh and im not letting anyone know about the venue until we send out our invitations. I was so excited about visiting this time as it was just Chris and i going, so it made it a little more special. It was a bit surreal as the first time we went was almost a year ago and now its less than a year till the actual day itself! Eeeek! We were basically going for another talk over everything to refresh our memories, see what needed to be organised first and getting a timetable together for the day itself. Just having a look around today has made me just want to get on and organise everything already! Im so eager to get started, to start collecting things and search/look for more inspiration to decorate. Just last night i created a Wedding Decoration Inspiration board on pinterest, which you can follow if you click on the links! So that i can keep all these visual ideas together in one place and find some different ways to decorate, it also means i can send it to our wedding planner at the venue so she knows what we're i'm looking for. AHHH SOOO EXCITING :D 

The drive on the way down, is just absolutely breathe taking! Its honestly one of the most beautiful places i have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Unfortunately, i haven't gotten any photos of the place yet (i will do soon, there will be LOADS of visits) but i got plenty of video footage! I also bought a tonne of munchies to eat on the way down and back. What else is there to do when theres no radio and a looong ass journey? Exactly, eat. Eat your boredom away. 
(WARNING: Not always recommended, please consult your doctor if you are planning on using this method to cure your boredom ;) )

So here are some lovely instas of my greedyness :)
Instagram- @hayley_mg

Jacket- Vintage (from Edinburgh)
Cardigan- Primark now at Asos
Top- Minute mart (from abroad)
Jeans- J.W Anderson for Topshop
Creepers- Underground at Viper London buy here
Bag- Ebay buy here
Hat- Next

So as you can obviously see from the photos, im layering up alot now! Its so incredible cold in Scotland now, you'd be stupid to leave the house without an extra layer or two! I wanted something that would show off my personal style today, as well as keeping me cosy warm for the journey and scottish elements! Oh and it had to be comfortable as well since it was a bit of a distance to travel. In all honesty, i seen the jeans next to my bed knew they were like Pj's so threw them on. A red top to match, a nice warm wooly black cardigan and this gorgeous oversized vintage denim jacket. Then viola! I was ready to leave the flat, just like that!

Once we had driven back, Chris and i thought it would be lovely to finish our little day trip out with a nice meal at Frankie & Bennys in Xscape. Well to be honest he treated me!

Instagram- @hayley_mg


Saturday, 2 November 2013


Hey guys, this post is so long over-due that i really should get a little wrist slap from you all ;) So a few months ago me and Chris decided to go up to Edinburgh, for the "fringe festival" they have every year that runs pretty much all August. I had never been before so i was really looking forward to it. We were going to see a fashion photography exhibition as well, but unfortunately we were un-able to get any video footage or photos of it due to whatever rules they had. The dates for the festival next year are 1-25th August, so if you are interested in going thats when you can! I know its called the "fringe" festival but (im going to try and explain the best i can what its all about, incase some of you have never heard of it. Im pretty sure everyone in the UK knows about it but i could be wrong!) it isn't actually about people with a fringe. 

Its basically an event thats on for 3 weeks and its all about entertainment and shows. Theres big and small events put on all over the place. You can just walk down the main street if you want, and trust me theres plenty of entertainment just doing that! There are tonnes of people handing out flyers to get your interest, so even in the evenings i think you would struggle to not find something that would tickle your fancy. There are big names that go as well as people who are trying to get their name and act out there. We didn't go to any shows or even sit in a pub to listen to a band, we were pretty content with walking up and down the main street. It was my first time going as well, so i was just excited by that! 

If you want more information then go to the official website.

Here are some photos i got of the day, so you can at least see a wee bit what its all about. Also, please don't judge me on my editing skills! I'm still learning...

Edinburgh Castle

I really love the one below of the band, i love how they are standing together and joking. I would of preferred to get a closer one of just them but, because of where i was standing at the time i didn't want to obstruct anyone or seem like a creep. Also, you have to be so careful when photographing people out on the street, because legally you can't actually take a photo of someone without their permission. 

Look how busy it gets! Its one of the busiest times for Edinburgh, as theres so much going on. There were so many different languages and cultures it was awesome to be walking down the street. It really felt like we were abroad, we aren't used to hearing so much variety. I really love when you go somewhere and its so diverse, i really feel the world needs it more.

I had to get this photo, to show off this girls rad bright orange Dr. Martens!

So we pretty much just walked around looking at the people on the street, i did go into my favourite vintage shop. And yes i did buy a few things! I was going to do a haul video about it, but by the time i went to do one i had too many things so i decided to just haul about recent purchases. I have yet to get that one up but i've been having problems with that specific clip so i need to have a look at it tomorrow. If you would like me to do a specific haul from Edinburgh, then please just let me know below! We went and sat at a park for a wee while as well. 

As you can see, i have alot of things in my hands! If you want me to do a haul from Edinburgh, please let me know below!

We had the sun for like 30 mins, so we went and sat outside a little cafe down a random street.

I love rummaging through rails of clothing and charity & vintage shops, you really never know what you are going to find! Its fantastic when you find a hidden gem.  

Coat- Vintage
Dress- New Look
Tights- New Look
Mary Jane Shoes- Asos
Necklace- Topshop
Hat- H&M
Bag- Vintage

It is Scotland, so i knew the weather was going to be a bit temperamental. So i couldn't go bare legged! So i threw on some grey tights, I thought they really matched the tone of the colour of my very pale pink dress! I then decided to wear these kitten heels as i wanted some height, but i knew i would be walking all day. Which is why you should definitely invest in some kitten heels! I then threw on my oversized boyfriend coat, which you have all seen a lot of recently. But this was actually the first time i ever wore it! I wore my big hat to add a bit of "something" to my outfit and i had my green backpack because 1) the colour and 2) i had ALOT to carry. I have to say, this is actually one of my favourite outfits ever (also that ive blogged about) as i just felt it worked together so well and was really easily put together. Everything just seems to work with this outfit, I love the outcome of it. What do you guys think? 

Once we were finished with walking around and shopping we went for something to eat for our dinner. We'd already decided before we went that we would stay for something. We actually went back to one of my favourite restaurants, called Maison Bleue. If you go to Edinburgh then definitely check it out. Theres two reasons its a favourite of mine, its gorgeous inside its got a kind of Moroccan vibe to it. Which is funny as i would describe the menu as french Moroccan with a scottish twist! The restaurant is actually labelled/described as French, North African Scottish vibe so i was close. The other reason is... thats where Chris proposed and we became engaged! :D It was so weird and nice going back! We hadn't been since so there was an un-usual feeling about the place! But i reckon that feeling wont ever go away, Chris felt a bit nervous and sick as it reminded him obviously. 

Our view out the window. 

Good ol'scottish thistle on the table ;)

Garlic covered mussels for a starters, omg they were amazing. One of the best starters i've ever had! 

For our main we both went for the same. I absolutely loved it, its honestly one of the best meals i've ever had and can't wait to go back and have it again! It was meatballs, with poached egg in a Moroccan style sauce. There was peppers, lentils and beans. Amazing.

It is a short video, i'm just getting used to the whole "vlogging" thing! With time i think i'll get better.

Friday, 1 November 2013


Hey guys, how are you all this chilly november day? We have definitely hit winter now in Scotland, i know i've said that a few times but it really has arrived now, in the last two weeks or so the temperature has just dropped. I was able to go out without a coat but that is noway an option now! Which is very ironic since today i have gone out without one :P... My excuse is i'm not really venturing outside only to get outfit photos, so i wasn't fussed about finding a suitable jacket that would keep me warm and stylish ;) The title of my post today is very fitting, it is of course the first day of November! Which marks 25 days to go until i leave my teenage years behind and become a twenty year old, a proper adult now. Plus there has been some rain today so i thought this title of a Guns 'n' Roses song would be perfect, oh and i am a Guns 'n' Roses fan so its totally acceptable. 

Today i haven't really done much, except have racing thoughts about how many things i need to sort out in my life. Im so un-organised, well that and i'm very forgetful. I do think i've made more of an effort to try and organise things more and get blog things sorted out as well. I spent about 6 hours the other day getting a post together and i still haven't finished! I have about 4 photos to edit and a video then im ready to post. A wise man (my soon to be father in law) says to me 
"Organisation is the key to a happy life"
and i have to say i think i really do agree! Even if your life is "Organised chaos" its still organised! ;)

I was luckly taken out to dinner by Chris parents (Chris was there also :P) to the new place thats just opened up in Linwood. Its called The Linwood farm, unfortunately i can't find a website for the place but it really is amazing! The menu that they have is huge! The portion sizes and prices really do not match up, you get so much food for your money. I would have to say it's one of the cheapest places around to eat, so if you get a new place opening up around you with the word "farm" in it, just go check it out. I would put some insta-photos in to show you how amazing the portions are but for some reason i can't download them... boo :(

Dress- DKNY
Kimono/dress*- Choies buy here
Waistcoat- H&M buy here
Bag- Market abroad
Boots- H&M
Earrings*- Romwomen buy here
Earcuff*- Persunmall buy here
Ring*- Romwomen buy here

So this gorgeous multi-coloured dress/kimono/cardigan arrived from Choies yesterday and i wanted to get it on as soon as possible! I already knew that when i seen it how versatile it was going to be. So im looking forward to see what kind of outfits i can imagine up with it. I love that i can do more than one thing with it. Today i decided to go for the kimono/cardigan look with it. So i threw on this old wool dress as i felt the green matched and the blue kind of toned down the crazy colours. I also thought that adding the waitcoat and floppy hat added a nice bohemian vibe, which is what i was looking for.

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