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Thursday, 31 January 2013


When it was mine and Chris anniversary for being together for a year, we went off to Stirling. We stayed for a night and had a lovely meal. I didnt get any full outfit shots but we got some at the meal and I totally forgot to post them and re-found them when i was going through my SLR the other day. So here they now are, not much but im posting and you all know im still alive! We look miserable (we were very happy in reality lol) but im posting it anyway because it makes a nice little post.

 Lamb Steak
(i love meat especially lamb its the best!)
(didnt enjoy the veg too crunchy for me!)



Hiya i have another awesome clothing company i would like to share with you. Its called CLOTHINGLOVES. They do mens clothing  and womens clothing which is all wholesale fashion clothing . They do all sorts of things wholesale leggings Korea, sweaters & cardigans and many other things! There is so much stuff on there you will be spending so much time just staring at loads of gorgeous clothes! The best part about this site is of course the fantastically low prices. You will be able to keep up with every season without spending a fortune which is like music to all of our ears.

Here are some of the pieces from their site, ill also tell you how i would style them :)

Buy here for £8.72!
How cute and sexy is this peplum dress? Perfect for that special event or night out. Peplum is definitely flooding the shops at the moment and with a price like this you dont need to worry about over spending! I would pair this with ether big chunky cream heels or big chunky black heels. 

Buy here for £5.06!
I love the pattern of these! Of course you all know by now monochrome is in and bold strips and patterns are also in. So with just these one pair of leggings thats 2 in 1 trends done! Leggings are such a versatile piece of clothing because they really can be dressed up or down and the best part about of them is they are totally comfy. So you can look awesome and still be as comfy as if you were in scruffs.      Theres so many ways id style these, with heels, converses, shirts, t-shirts and even a dress. 

Buy here for £3.16!
How cool is this beanie hat? Theres a few colours you can choose from. Beanie hats have become quite popular recently and ive seen many designs. But none like this before! For that price aswell you really cant complain! Id wear this with many many things, you dont need to wear a really gothy/grungy outfit to wear them. You can be dressed quite smart and put this on to add an edge or even just to keep your head warm. So dont be afraid to try! 


Hiya everyone, just wanted to introduce you all to an online clothing shop called EFox City. They have some fantastic clothing for such great prices! Whatever the style or design you are looking for, you are more than likely to find on there for such a great price. Which is what we all want to hear with basically empty purses and accounts right? They do all sorts of things such as; prom dresses , evening dresses , suits and even wedding dresses . I think online shops like this are great because you have more than plenty to choose from. So it means if you like something a bit different aswell you are in with a great chance of finding it. It also means you are able to fill your wardrobe with loads and loads of goodies rather than just a few key pieces! So whatever you are wanting each season you can keep up to date without spending money you dont have.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the shop and how i would possibly style them.

Buy here for only £12.66!
I think this dress is gorgeous! I love the shape and the pattern of it. Plus the fact that its made of wool makes it great for the rubbish weather we re getting in the uk at the moment! Means you can keep warm and stylish at the same time. I would ether wear this with my brown loafers, Jeffrey Campbell pathwork litas or some thick winter boots. With some lovely cosy brown tights. 
Buy here for only £11.92!
Ah i love this jumper! Its so cute and warm looking! Jumpers/sweaters are great for all year round, wether its to layer up in the winter or to keep that cool summers breeze off your arms. They are definitely a staple in my wardrobe. I would have to wear this with leather trousers and my red plaid Jeffrey Campbell litas. Any red shoes would be awesome with this jumper. 

Buy here for only £9.09!
I am a huge huge fan of blouses i love how smart they can make you and your outfit look. So easy to do with this one item. I love this blouse, i think its very chic and feminine. There are so many ways to wear this, casually and smart. I would ether pair this with a pencil skirt or dress it with some skinny jeans and come converses. 

Saturday, 12 January 2013


Hey everyone, im so so so sorry ive just disappeared off the face of the earth! First of all, Happy Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope you all had a fantastic time in the holiday season! Ive not really got any excuses except i think i had gotten myself into a bit of a rut. We had unfortunately turned night into day so by the time we were getting up it was like 8 at night and dark and i wasnt going anywhere. Home and bed just seem to be the only places i were going too and the only suitable clothes for that were Pjs, and scruffy clothing if i was to step out at 2 in the morning for a macdonalds. I think my mood had and is maybe still a little bit low and down. Chris has said aswell that im not myself i just seem to be like a blank canvas, no expression, no fun. I do however think is related to it being the holiday period and subconsciously thinking about my mum. I really do miss her and when its the holiday times and birthdays i must be thinking more about her than id like to admit or even realise. So right now plan of action is to sort life out and try and be a bit more up and about! 

So this outfit just sort of naturally came together. The sad thing is, ive had this skirt for three years and not worn it once untill this outfit! I got it when i went to New york. I totally love that tartan is in atm as a Scott it makes me quite proud that a national thing is in. I think whats awesome about this skirt aswell is that its not any normal tartan colour. Its ORANGE. I do really love the skirt and ive just been waiting for AGESSS for the right moment! I do quite love this outfit as i think its quite chic and casual at the same time without trying to hard! It has just the right amount of effort in it :) 

Im really going to try more now in my photos to "model" a bit more. Because for me i enjoy a blog more if the photography is good and if the blogger is posing and trying. So im really happy with how these photos turned out as they are different from my usual "stand there and smile" photos. Anyway hope you enjoyed reading what i had to say and like my outfit and photos! 

Jacket- Topshop
Skirt- Hollister
Shirt- Primark
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