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Friday, 31 May 2013


Heya everyone. Been another sunny day! Me and Chris picked up Chris' mum from work again and were very kindly treated too some lunch again. I have no idea why Scotland has been so lucky with the weather recently. We are surely going to get an absolute pour down soon :( BUT luckily our sofa-bed arrived for the spare room, as we have invested in some studio equipment so we can make a start on getting clients. So it means i will have somewhere to take some photos, with good lighting! So hopefully ill never have to struggle with blogging again. I much prefer proper studio lights when taking photos inside because the lighting can be so poor. Plus i think it can look more professional as some light bulbs give off a sort of yellowish-tint to the photos and i personally really dont like that! 

I didnt get any pictures of my lunch, but we were treated to some cakes aswell and i got a victoria sponge cage which i have photographed! It was massive! I did not realise it was that big and i couldnt finish it. It was THE BEST victoria cake i had ever eaten... 

When me and Chris came back i had to drop off a parcel which had been mistaken for our address. After handing it over the elderly gentleman he said he had also gotten a few of my parcels before. The street names are the same (not going to say my address on the big wide web) except for one extra word being added so i guess there is a valid reason. We went for another walk as the weather was nice to the shops, this time to get fizzy juice and i again was treated to some treats! So im going to munch on them untill our gammon steaks defrost so we can eat dinner...

I came up with this outfit a few weeks ago and because i always day dream outfits and forget them i have a little pink book where i write outfit ideas into. I have wanted to wear this dress again for ages, so i thought today would be a good day too. Im so in love with this chunky Office shoes (they currently have 20% off ends 4th June), i love that they are a classic design of loafers and are edgy with the big platform. Plus i really love flatforms as im a shortie and it means i dont get sore feet as you do with heels. The cardigan is just to give me a little warmth in case there was a slight wind. 

Dress- Max C London at TKMaxx
Cardigan- Charity Shop
Flatforms- Office (currentley have 20% off ends ends 4th june)
Handbag- Ebay buy here
Sunglasses- New York


Thursday, 30 May 2013


Heya, how are you all doing? Sorry havent posted for a few days just didnt get round to shooting any photos, no idea why to be honest! If you keep up with my twitter & instagram then you will have seen what i have been doing! If not then i advise you too if you want to stalk me more (please dont actually take that as permission to stalk me) than my blog allows you too. We have had such beautiful weather today in Scotland! The sun is out and it is about 20+ degrees! I cant believe it, maybe we are going to get a decent summer this year. Which means it will also make my blogging job much easier to do! Plus it creates much more beautiful visual content for you all. 

Today, as it is a thursday, we picked up Chris's mum from work then went for some lunch. Which was sooo delicious, but i forgot to take some insta pics of it! Still getting the hang of taking photos of EVERYTHING i do. I had lamb shank in a berry jus (not juice) with mashed potatoes, Chris had chorizo, cajun chicken and red onion pasta with a cream sauce and Suzy (Chris mum) had a mediterranean vegetable skewer with rice and a hot sauce. We went to a place called the Houston Inn, its amazing! Pub food with a very fancy twist. If you are anywhere near Houston Glasgow area then again i really recommend you go try it out! 

Once we had taken some photos and come back, i had decided to write a letter to my Grandma and Aunt Debbie. They had both recently sent me a card and postcard so i wanted to reply to them and get it posted today. So as it was a gorgeous afternoon/evening i asked Chris if he wanted to go for a walk with me to the post box, with a chance of an iced goody. I really love walking down our village as theres loads of pretty houses too look at and its a really nice walk. We had to walk to the bottom of the village though as the closet shop didnt sell individual ice creams and lollies but we didnt mind as the weather and temperature really was gorgeous. We were both going to surprise each other with getting some treats! But Chris insisted he got them, even though i wanted to treat him! He also made us some scrummy venison, chorizo & mozzarella burgers!

Instagram- @hayley_mg

So here is the outfit. I did actually get some inspiration for this outfit from another blogger called Le Happy, so i am going to post her lookbook in to credit her for it!

It is slightly different, but for ages i have been trying to find an outfit for this kimono! Originally, i was going to wear my red suede heeled sandals but i thought these kitten heel snake print ones were much much better and more classy. The reason for the post name is because my kimono has a sort of oriental print and my heels are croc printed! 

 (always wanted a pic of me "smelling" a flower, think they make great pics!)

Kimono- Vera Moda at ASOS
T-shirt- Primark
Jeans- Asos buy here
Heels- New Look
Bag (Celine copy)- Ebay buy here
Sunglasses- H&M buy here


Saturday, 25 May 2013


Hiya i was recently contacted by the clothing company PersunMall to do a wishlist and it thought why not! Nothing wrong with a bit of window shopping ;) There are so many amazing things on this site! If only i had an un-limited money supply... 

You should check out there just in page aswell, sooo many cute things! So here is what i would have if i could...

Skull Dress buy here
I loveeee this so much, its totally my style and would look great dressed up with heels as well as dressed down with come creepers or Dr.Martens. 

Summer dress buy here
I love this aswell! Its so cute and perfect for the upcoming summer months. Again whats great about this, is that it can be dressed up or down. Which means you really will get some great use out of it. I think i would go for a slightly classy look and wear some simple black heeled sandals. 

Mid-length dress buy here
Again, i am in love with this. I really love horses! So this dress is great for me and its a classy simple dress. Perfect for those casual laid back days for when you want that "off duty model" look that so many people chase after now. I would have to style this with some converses, a light jacket and a backpack. 

Summer Vest Top buy here
This top is so adorable! I really really want this... It would look amazing with some skinny jeans, a pair of shorts or even tucked into a skirt. Plus pairing it with a pair of some nice nude heels would look so amazing and chic. 

Paneled Shift Dress buy here
This has to be one of my favourite items on the site. I mean look at it, its beautiful! It has PU sleeves which just rock and a minimalist slight feel to it. I would definitely be rocking this with my patched brown Jeffrey Campbell Litas. 

Girly Dress buy here
I really love how soft and feminine this dress is. The toned down colour is gorgeous and the frills are so cute and girly! This would look great with some flats and some heels aswell. Perfect for a night out with that one special someone. 

I really do recommend that you check them out because they really do have some beautiful things! And i most certainly will be keeping my eye on them in the near future! :) 


Hiya i just wanted to let you all know it isnt true about GFC shutting down. So if 

1) You were worried you were going to loose all your followers dont be! You wont loose any :) 
2) You were worried about not being able to follow some of your favourite blogs dont worry about it! There are other platforms you can follow them on and if your apart of blogger then im pretty sure it dosent change :) 



Hiya! Sorry i didnt post yesterday. Our virgin wireless box broke so we were un-able to get onto the internet. We were able to plug in our old box in the later afternoon, but because i didnt think i was going to be able to get on i didnt take any outfit photos. In fact, i was pretty scruffy yesterday as a result of the broken wireless. We've been getting such nice weather in Scotland the past week! So i have been taking full advantage of that to get some posts done. Today Chris very kindly took me to Amarettos my favourite italian restaurant. If you are ever near Bridge of Weir, or even Glasgow you NEED to go there! Its amazing. AND the prices are fantastic for the quality of food you are getting!

We both had bruschetta milano to start with which is pepperoni & mozzarella, too delicious!

I had Branzino di Veneto, which is seabass fish with mediterranean vegetables & chorizo. Its one of my favourite meals ever, the flavour in the vegetables mixed with the chorizo is an explosion in your mouth. This is the meal that has made me want to try and eat more fish.

Chris had Pizza Salsiccia, which is italian sausage with mushrooms but he dosent like them so he had it without the healthy part :P
Check out my instagram and follow here: @hayley_mg

So for the rest of my/our day we tidied up the flat and i did a washing as the sun was out. Only annoying thing was that there seemed to be a bit of a summer party going on in the garden next to us so i decided to hang the underwear up  inside :P Didnt really want strangers seeing my unders...

So this outfit kind of came together in my head the other day I thought all the yellows would go with the orange shorts and you cant beat the sexyness short shorts and a pair of heels can create. I was going to wear my terrain heels from ZARA but both me and Chris agreed that these cute suede bow sandals looked much better. And who would of thought they were an ebay purchase? Plus a t-shirt and shorts combo are such a classic for summer so i really wanted to wear this as soon as and of course with a twist ;) not just plain jean shorts but ORANGE LEOPARD SHORTS. I added the horse necklace as i wasnt wearing many accessories. I got the necklace because they are nostalgic for me, i grew up with horses and riding. So even at that price i had to get it...

T-shirt- Amplified
Shorts- Jalate at TK Maxx
Sandals- Sergi Todzi at Ebay gift from Chris
Bag- Billabong
Necklace- Topshop buy here
Sunglasses- Religion at TK Maxx


Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Heya everyone, had a good day? We went to lunch with Chris grandparents as we always do on Wednesday but apart from that I have had quite a lazy chilled day but i think tomorrow i need to start writing lists of things i need to get sorted. It really is time to un-clutter my life or even just start to organise myself a bit better. I have THE worse memory in the entire history of the world. I really need a list, something visual for me to see what i need to do. Im a very visual person. When i was younger for studying i used to do everything in bright colours as it was easier for me to learn it and see what it was i needed to know. Mood-wise, i am feeling much much better. Im not down at all and i feel my normal self, so im very glad about that. 

So this outfit. How did it come together? Well, i have no idea. Ive wanted to use these shoes for a while but until last night i only had one other outfit idea for them. It was with the dress that i wore/posted yesterday so i couldnt really pop it on today. Plus it was nice and summery weather again and i think these shoes are quite summery. I then remembered this skirt and how the minty pastel colour was quite similar to the shoes plus i used my green satchel bag yesterday and i couldn't quite be bothered to switch bags today. And thus, this outfit was born. You all know (or should know by now, except if you are a new reader :P) how much i love mixing casual and dressed up things and thats why i added this t-shirt. I thought the grey would work quite well with the rest of the outfit. And of course the white socks are just too damn cute not to add to these metallic mary-janes! 

I know for some of you these shoes will not be your thing and that they are kind of ugly. But thats also what kind of drew me to them. The thought of not many people having them or liking them. I try where i can to be different. I also added this sunglasses because 1) Chris told me to and 2) they are kind of metallic and match the shoes :)

T-shirt- Abercrombie & Fitch
Skirt- Asos
Denim Jacket- Vintage, my mums
Heels- Asos buy here and in pink
White Frilly Socks- Tescos
Sunglasses- H&M buy here
Bag- New Look
Necklace- Next
Bracelet- Next


Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Hiya everyone sorry ive recently been MIA. Ive just had a bad couple of days, ive been feeling quite down and low in my mood. I tried to get some outfit photos yesterday as we had a beautiful hot day in Scotland, but i really wasnt feeling it. I just didnt have the energy and enthusiasm to model/pose. It has really annoyed me that i havent posted anything the past couple of days because i really was on roll with posting again. I was really starting to enjoy it, then i had to be hit with my low moods. But it dosent matter now, i have picked myself up and im going to get right back into blogging again. 

Today we were once again hit with some glorious weather. We didn't just have the sun making an appearance but we also had some hot temperatures to go with it! Normally, we have the sun out but its a still a bit nippy in the air so we decided to make good use of it and have a bbq! We went round to Chris parents house as they have a pretty awesome all singing and all dancing bbq and plus they had more food in than us :P. We had some burgers, sausages, pork steaks and some pasta! Needless to say i am now stuffed and un-able to move for the next hour or two. Unfortunately though, as were sitting down to eat the clouds began to appear, so the sun was disappearing and there was a chilly wind. Sods Law. 

I just wore something pretty casual and summery today. I wanted something pretty girly yet smart and casual. Also i wanted to show off my blue legs as for once it was actually warm enough! So i came up with this. I really do love these suede/faux-leather boots as they are extremely comfy and easy to throw on with anything. Im still annoyed at myself for not also investing in the black ones because they are just the perfect little ankle boots and the height of them are just perfect for running around in. I also threw on my trusty Topshop bomber jacket just in case it did turn cold and also i thought it would kind of balance out how much skin was on show. We are in Scotland after all and it isnt really wise to go out in a complete spanish weather kind of outfit as you will always be caught out. We can experience 3/4 seasons in a day and the weather is pretty much ALWAYS different in the morning to the afternoon. So i was prepared. I also put on my new H&M brown sunglasses to match my bomber. 

Dress- Tesco
Coat- Topshop
Boots- H&M
Bag- New Look
Glasses- H&M buy here
Necklace- Next
Bracelet- Next

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