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Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Heya everyone, how are you all? Ive had a lovely day today, I was treated to lunch at Bernies in Bridge of Weir by Chris. Its a fantastic cafe, i really need to get some photos to show you all! The decor is lovely and there are sofas you can sit at as well as tables. I really love going there because its a much healthier option than a take away and it doesn't work out as expensive i don't think. I had carrot and coriander soup with 2 slices of white bread, i was going to have the ham on the bone sandwich but unfortunately they had ran out of the ham! The soup was really good, Chris got some with his chicken club sandwich but he was too full so i ended up eating his portion as well! 

Instagram- @hayley_mg

As we were leaving Chris got me a slice of their Victoria Sponge cake, which i can honestly say is the best victoria sponge that has ever passed my lips. The size of the slices they give you as well, Oh My God. Massive. I've saved it to eat as i was creating this post for you all, and i got out my china tea set. You can see below from/on my instagram

Instagram- @hayley_mg

We then went to Aldis to do some food shopping as our cupboards were a bit bare... Then the heavens decided to open up and rain rather heavily. It looked and sounded as if it was hailstones it was that bad! Luckily we were in the Pets at Home store at the time so Chris ran to the car and parked it right outside so i didn't get too wet. Fortunately though, it actually calmed down quite a bit by the time i was leaving. I was wearing some sunglasses today but by the time we went to shoot it was very very grey and miserable so i didn't feel the need to wear them as i thought it would look silly. But as im writing this exact sentence, the sun is re-appearing... DAMMIT!

As today Chris chose my outfit, hes going to talk through how he came up with it:

"I decided to go for a casual and comfortable look for Hayley today as we were busy getting our weekly food shop and bits and pieces for our rabbits. I personally think Hayley looks amazing in dresses and suits them really well. I chose a nicely coloured billabong dress and some brown and white high tops to match. I used her stylish clutch from Next and her trusty Topshop jacket to complete the outfit. With a few added accessories and some lippy she was ready to go! Im really pleased with the results and enjoyed our day out together! Love you baby xx"

Jacket- Topshop
Dress- Billabong
Trainers- Topshop
Clutch- Next
Necklace- Vintage
Lipstick- Bobbi Brown in black rasberry


Saturday, 20 July 2013


Heya everyone :) What have you been up today? When we got up we went and done our weekly food shop. We were going to go for another bike ride but the weather is/was extremely hot today! Also im not 100% as i missed 2 injections the day before yesterday. Oops! So my heart was feeling a bit sore... bad isnt it? So instead of wasting the day we decided to stuff ourselves silly ;) We went to our usual favourite spot, Amarettos'. Honestly, if you are ever in or near Glasgow make a trip to Bridge of Weir! Its one of the best restaurants ever. The lunch time menu wasnt on as me missed it by few minutes or so. There was, however a specials menu on and we've never seen it on before so it was a bit of a surprise. Chris (fiance) ordered from the specials for a bit of change but i stuck to the main menu. 

Chris had meatballs in napoli sauce with garlic bread to start with, then had a sausage, mozzarella and caramelised red onions in a napoli sauce calzone. I had potato & leek soup to start with then had breaded chicken with mozzarella & ham covered in a napoli sauce.  

Instagram- @hayley_mg

Todays outfit was pretty much thrown together as i was in a rush to get out the door, i was pretty hungry and so was Chris. I dont think ive ever worn this dress so i threw it on and because of its light material. Waay to hot for me! I put on my red snake skin heels as i thought they were a nice touch, plus i wanted to wear heels, but i had to be careful what to put on. I have a sore from another pair of heels on my ankle at the moment. I have very sensitive feet due to my diabetes so i need to be very careful what i wear. The white bag, obviously matches the white in my dress and i didnt have to struggle to get it out of the mountain of bags in my wardrobe. To be honest thats why i go through stages of just over wearing certain bags, i cant be bothered to have a fight every time i want to change my bag. The hat i thought would add a nice lady-like touch aswell as helping with keeping me cool! 

Dress- Shop abroad
Hat- H&M The New Icons Collection
Shoes- New Look (old)
Bag- Vintage
Lipstick- Limecrime buy here in Glamour 101
Sunglasses- Religion at TK Maxx
Necklace- Ed Hardy
Bracelet- Ed Hardy


Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Hiya everyone! How are you all doing? Its been a really lovely sunny day again, here in Scotland! It was a bit greyish for 2 days but the temperature was still high! Im just glad that we are getting a 2nd chance with the sun this summer, as last year it was quite bleak and depressing. I personally think just with the sun being out your spirits are lifted and you feel happier. Not only that, there are activities you can do that money isn't needed for. Like going for walks, to the beach (if you are near one) and bike rides like we did last Saturday, i do have photos for you aswell as an outfit post from then. But i just havent got round to editing the photography and choosing my outfit photos. Aswell as the photos form Silloth. I do promise that i am going to try and get some of the photography from Silloth edited tonight and i will schedule them to post automatically tomorrow.

Today as usual on Wednesday, we went out for lunch with Chris' grandparents. We went to Xscape as theres loads of food places there. We went into Frankie & Bennys, i am very sorry but i forgot to take my phone out with me so i dont even have any insta-pics of the food for your mouth to water at! Although i will try my hardest at describing them cleverly for you, so your mind can do all the work! Thus creating your mouth to water ;) Well here goes!

(Imagine a sexy french accent describing it to you, not my awkward english- slightly scottish twang voice)

To start with, one had 5 (no not 4) very large meaty chicken wings. Covered in Louisiana hot sauce, which made your taste buds come alive and dance.Then one had Sister Rosarias Lamb Shank for main. Oh yes, not just ANY lamb shank, this one was Sister Rosarias Lamb Shank. As a side there was generous portion of thick creamy mashed potato, that just melts in your mouth. Oh and dont forgot the most famous addition to this meal, the mint gravy. With added Rosemary. 

Is it working? Is your mouth watering? Please let me know below ;) I tried my hardest!

Now onto todays outfit. As i seen it was nice weather i wanted to wear something light and cooling. I remembered i had this dress and because it was quite baggy i thought i would try and take some inspiration from Sara from Waiste. GO CHECK HER BLOG! She has quite a bohemian hippy vibe to her style and i just adore it! Although it may not be something she may wear id still say i took inspiration from her especially adding something over the top of the dress. She has an amazing collection of cardis & kimonos, i dont so i thought this shirt would give it the effect i was looking for! Aswell the hippy bag and i was ready to go! So Sara, if you see this i hope you like it! <3  

Oh and by the way, sorry for the photo heavy post! 

Dress- Car Boot Sale (but from Jamaica)
Checked Shirt- New Look
Bag- Car Boot (Primark)
Frilly Socks- Topshop buy here
Shoes- Converse
Sunglasses- H&M buy here


Friday, 12 July 2013


Hello everyone! How are you all doing this fine day? Gorgeous weather still, its so incredibly hot in Scotland we really are having a heatwave. It really does make you forget about global warming ;) (i am definitely pro saving the planet, looking after it and all the wildlife! So dont panic, im not being literal)I know i havent been posting much or even made any more videos but i am going to get it together, i promise! I was a very lucky girly today and once again treated by my amazing fiance Chris! We went to Prezzo in Braehead which is our nearest local shopping centre (i didnt buy anything i only browsed! Was very tempted though). Ive only ever been once before but i didnt really enjoy it, it was because i used to be quite fussy. I think they have changed the menu a little bit now aswell, so that helped! 

Here is what we had, we had a sharing platter to start with, Chris has Carbonara and it looked amazing! I have never really fancied it, but after today looking at his i think im going to have to try it. I had chicken with parma ham & cheese on top with cheesey potatoes! Amazing. 

Instagram- @hayley_mg

Todays outfit was literally thrown together. Before Chris left to pick his mum up from work, he told me to wear something kind of dressed up. So i knew instantly i needed some heels on! But with the weather you want comfy aswell, not pain! I thought i would try a kind of pastel look today, i dont wear pastel too much as i find it too intimidating and girly. Believe it or not im really not the "girly type" dont get me wrong, i love my dresses, skirts and heels. But pastel just screams girly! I like to wear something  with a bit of a hard edge, dark. So anyway, this outfit came together. I have a bit of a soft spot for this skirt for some reason, i thought it would look great with this vest and of course it created that bit of dark i needed to feel comfortable. These wedges are extremely comfy so i threw them on as-well as my white bag which i add to all my pastel/girly kind of outfits. Theres not much thought behind the jewellery, i threw it all on at the last minute! 

Theres a bit of a story behind this skull necklace, many of you may or may not know but 2 years ago i sadly lost my mum. I am a firm believer in the spiritual world and i do still believe that she is around looking after me and watching me. Now ghosts, apparently they have quite a mischievous side to them and like to hide things! Which takes me back to the necklace, no word of a lie i had lost it for about 2-3 months? I looked everywhere, continuously looking into my necklace box and emptying it. In hope of finding it. It was a gift for my 18th off my little brother so its very special and sentimental for me. So as i was pulling out the other necklace im wearing today, there it was. Entangled. I couldn't believe it! She is constantly hiding things in the flat, we have to actually ask for them back then they re-apear again! Crazy stuff.  

Top- Primark
Skirt- Asos
Wedges- A gift, from a stranger
Vintage Bag- A gift from Gran (was hers)
Sunglasses- H&M
Skull necklace- 18th birthday gift from little brother
Pearl necklace- Market abroad

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