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Friday, 25 October 2013


Hey guys how are you all on this fine friday? Have any plans? If so, let me know in the comment box down below! Today has been miserable, we have definitely hit the winter now in Scotland. Well, saying that we are still getting the odd cheeky sunny day. But even then, our "cold days" are very quickly becoming full blown winter days. Which is what today was. I woke up to the sound of heavy rain hitting against our bedroom window, which was a little disheartening. We had a lovely sunny day yesterday and i went to bed with the plans of getting some outfit photos for the blog today. I did expect the weather to be alright just because of yesterday but i really should remember this is Scotland! The weather can do anything on any day. Never trust the forecast here, just always assume you are getting to get all four seasons in one day. Although, since i am here writing (or have now written since you are reading this) it means the weather did perk up a little bit this afternoon, thus resulting in an outfit post! Yaay! 

In fact the weather went lovely this afternoon, you know when its mid-afternoon to evening time? And the evening light/sun has gone a gorgeous kind of golden? My favourite type of lighting to shoot in personally. It did go back to being greyish, but like i said we live in a "four seasons a day" country. I'd rather still get that little snippet of sunshine everyday even if its only for two minutes, better than nothing! Its just even worse when we hit the autumn/winter months. Oh well. You have to work with what you are given! 

Jacket- Vintage
Cardigan- New Look
Shirt- Georges at Asda (food supermarket)
Jeans- Topshop at Ebay
Boots- Dr Martens at Ebay
Hat- H&M similar here

Since i woke up to a miserable day, i just wanted comfort and to be wrapped up in layers! I had started to put another outfit on but like i said all i wanted was comfort today. The other outfit really wasn't a "winter comfort" type of look. So i kept with this shirt and decided to match my oxblood docs with my trusty, always go to green skinny jeans. I then decided to add another layer with my cardigan, which matched the burgundy i was wearing as well as keeping with the earthy/toned down colours. I don't really wear another layer under my coats as i get too hot too easily. But i just felt like layering up today and it really has gotten colder recently. I also really feel my hat and coat turned this "casual" outfit into something a bit more chic. To be honest with you all, this is kind of my scruffy can't be bothered to try hard outfits. Skinny jeans and Dr martens are pretty casual, so if you do want to add something a bit more to your outfit think about what else you can/are going to add to change the look. Hence my oversized coat and hat! 


Saturday, 19 October 2013


Hey guys, how are you all? Its been such a miserable day today! This morning it poured it down and it was all foggy, which to be honest, my first thought was "That will really make some nice photos!". It has cleared up a little throughout the rest of the day, but still miserable enough to remember that yes, it is the winter. I am very determined to keep up with my blogging throughout this winter, even though it can be very temperamental with the weather. I know i've mentioned that i invested in some studio lighting (for my blog and photography) but i still want to use the outside as much as possible! Using inside for photos is more of a "last resort". 

Today me and Chris went to braehead because there was a pair of shoes i was wanting from the Topshop Sale. They weren't an impulse buy, for about a month or so now every time i've gone into braehead Topshop i've picked them up and held onto them for (what seemed like a lifetime to me) a few minutes. As soon as i set my eyes on them it was love at first sight. But the scary £65 price tag really threw me off. So when i found out they had been added to the sale, i was over the moon! So with my student discount the babies only came to £27! Not bad eh? 

Jacket- Vintage
Jumper- No idea, present from Chris' mum
Skirt- Topshop
Bag- Market abroad
Heels- Asos

I was just going for something comfy/casual today but i wanted a pair of heels on! I did struggle what heels to pick out of three, but Chris and i both agreed that these went best because they stood out so much. The reason i selected these to be one of the pairs to put on is because the green is more like a lime and i thought they really matched the yellow in my jumper. As well as making a bit of a statement, which i was kind of going for. I threw on this jacket because i thought it added a more "mature, chic" feel to my outfit, as well as matching my green heels. I chose the bag because obviously its green and i thought it helped keep the casual feel to my look.


Thursday, 17 October 2013


Heya everyone, i am so sorry that ive been so bad at blogging recently. I was doing so good as well, i had gotten myself into a little routine. Oh well it starts again today! I've even got a haul video done today, but i'm posting it tomorrow on my YouTube as i'm not going to have time. I need to get this post up and also post on my Chictopia & Lookbook which takes me 2 hours in total! I'm also off out to the cinema tonight. I have no idea what we are seeing though, as Chris has chosen and isn't telling me as a surprise. ;) We normally have a take away if we go to the cinema, its just a bit of a tradition. Its also because we like to go to quite late showings so we'll normally grab one afterwards. But we're having one before tonight as im starving!

We went out today with Chris mum for lunch, as we pick her up for work and then go for a catch up. I had toasted BLT (without the t) with coleslaw and ready salted crisps. But i only managed a measly half of a sandwich as its that time of the month (you understand ladies) and i had a bit of a sore/sickly tummy so i had to donate it to Chris instead (which, lets be honest, he was obviously happy with that. What man/boy doesn't eat like a horse and eat pretty much everything). I've also had some fantastic changes with my blog, i'm now working with companies which is an achievement i think, its nice to get some recognition for your blog/style. As well as having a company i wanted to work with and that is Choies as i really love the brand and how amazing their items are! Im also working with Persunmall which i think is a fairly new brand, but they honestly have some amazing pieces! Go check them out! Oh and Romwomen which is fantastically priced and has some awesome wardrobe staples.

Kimono*- Persunmall buy here £21.19!
Dungarees- Vintage on Ebay
Top- Vintage (was mums)
Tights- New Look
Boots- Jeffrey Campbell at Dolls Boutique similar here
Bag- Market (Primark)
Lipstick- Limecrime in Glamour 101

So today i knew i wanted to wear my kimono, i'm very obsessed with it at the moment. I thought i would throw on my dungarees (with a red top underneath) on as i haven't really worn them. Also because i wanted to show that you can still get away with wearing them in a/w, by obviously layering up. I haven't personally seen anyone with a short pair on since we've entered winter so i thought id try and be a little different! You know me, dosen't matter what it is but i try and do it with a twist! I used the tasselled bag because i though it went well with the kimono and the hippy type feel i had already seemed to be going for. I put on my tartan litas to match with the red i was wearing and to obviously keep up to date with the tartan theme thats everywhere!


Saturday, 12 October 2013


Hey guys alot of you have really loved my tartan litas recently! And just by luck from looking on ebay i seen this pair that are pretty similar! They don't do my ones anymore, so these are the only plaid pair you will be able to get.


Jeffrey Campbell Half Pipe 


Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Heya, sorry its been a while! Just thought i'd have a bit of a lazy week with blogging to be honest. So how are you all? I'm not too bad, i've started to go walking 3 times a week now. I really want to do some exercise and get my fitness up so i thought for me walking would be a great way to start then i can build up to doing more. I go with my younger cousin around the cycling path, down to the bottom of the village and back up again. I'm also hoping this means i can use some of that time in the morning to work a bit more on my blog. 

Oh and i have a question for you all, would you like me to start editing my photos more? To try and make them a bit more professional or do you feel they are fine the way the are? 

Kimono*- Persunmall buy here
T-Shirt- Primark
Jeans- Topshop at Ebay 
Bag- New Look
Boots- Jeffrey Campbell at Oxygen Boutique similar here
Sunglasses- H&M 
Lipstick- Limecrime in Glamour 101

I have been waiting for ageees for this kimono to arrive, ive been so excited! I really love kimonos but they are so expensive! So when Persunmall kindly gifted me it, i was over the moon! And it really is reasonably priced so i would check it out quickly! The quality of it is fantastc as well and i really love the "over-sized" feel to it. I wanted the colours of my outfit to match the kimono so i went with my casual green skinny jeans and a white top with red on it to match. I wore these jeffrey campbells just to keep up with the current trend of tartan, as well as them being a gorgeous red colour. I went with a darker red lipstick today as both Chris and i felt the darker tone really suited the reds i was wearing. Oh and the scruffy hair? I just though it looked perfectly "chic messy", it was the right kind of messy but still kind of cool enough to leave the house with...

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