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Thursday, 30 January 2014


Hey everyone, looking forward to the weekend? You can start to wind down now, we're nearly there! I always kind of liked thursdays when i was younger, it meant that it was friday the next day and that you were so close to your freedom from school! Another thing as well, you don't realise how much free time you actually get at school. I mean lets be honest, no-one gave/gives their attention 100% all the time at school. Even if you enjoyed it and was one of the "good ones" there would of been the odd class you didn't enjoy so you'd chat to friends or get bored. As well, you finish earlier compared to jobs AND you always get your weekends. Depending on your work situation, you aren't always going to be fortunate enough to have your weekends to yourself. Not to even mention the holidays you get so many and the summer holidays are on average 6 weeks! Thats two more weeks than the average holiday time for a job over the WHOLE year. 

Needless to say, i am not looking forward to joining the working world. Don't get me wrong im sick of how much free time i have now and i feel useless. But you always miss what you don't have don't you? I know for a fact i will never get this much free time ever again in my life, but i also know that i will probably make more use of my free time when i'm working. Plus ill have the money then to actually leave my house... lol. It might be a bit different as i am planning (or trying to plan) to work for myself, i really want to set up my photography and start building my name up. I also have some exciting news for next year, but you will have to wait until then to find out! :P

This outfit is a bit similar to something i've worn before, but i don't really care if it is the same. We are allowed to re-use things in our wardrobes! Especially re-using outfits! I'm pretty certain that the blogging world paints a picture that we don't/can't re-use items or wear the same outfit again. As theres plenty of blogs where i know that i've seen an item never to be seen again (not judging anyone, i think its probably just because some people are lucky enough to have too many things in their wardrobe but we aren't all as lucky as that!). So i think this year i'm going to try my hardest to post more similar outfits, so that you can see how to re-style outfits/items and make them different to how you wore them before. I am on a bit of a spending ban, not because i spend too much, but because i want to have more use of my wardrobe. I want to really wear all the items and get as much use as i can out of them. As well as trying to show that you can do more with your wardrobe if you put your mind to it.

Today we went out to lunch with Chris' mum (we always pick her up after work and get a cheeky lunch) but i went for something quite light. Especially when i see the soup of the day was my favourite soup and it was one i liked! Tomatoe & basil soup with sauteed mushrooms, italian ham & mozerella on bruschetta. Ill be off cooking a lovely curry tonight! We have someone coming over for dinner so i need to show off my culinary skills ;)

Instagram- @hayley_mg

(excuse my goofy smile, this is me in reality a goofball)

Jacket- Vintage (from my uncle)
T-shirt- Hard Rock Cafe (cant remember which one)
Jeans- J.W.Anderson for Topshop on Ebay see here
Creepers- Underground on Viper London buy here
Bag- Misstella buy here (other colours available!)
Hat- Asos
Necklace- Persunmall buy here

I threw this together when i got up, as i was trying to rush out the door. I always opt for skinny jeans when i can't be bothered thinking. I decided to go for a black top instead of red. It was cold today so i paired it with my chunky cardigan and my huge leather trench for a darker twist. I love this jacket and i think it made the outfit look a bit more put together rather than thrown together. I always thought it actually made the outfit look a little more "chic" as well. I always want to add that i'm sorry i keep using this bag, but i'm so in love with it! Its so beautiful and i can't stop looking at it... LOL



Please don't get annoyed i know its late :P but better late than never i say! Tell me what you think and 


Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Hey everyone :) i've not really done much today, went to see Chris' grandparents and he treated them to a Chinese for lunch. It was delicious and i have leftovers for munchies later wooo! For the past few years its been a bit of a tradition to see them on a wednesday and go for some food. So it was a bit of a thank you. After i've posted this (as well as my lookbook & chictopia) and had some dinner i think i'm going to have a look around the flat and see if anything needs a tidy. Theres so many things that i want to tidy up in the flat or move about, like storage cupboards and under our bed, but i can't do that until we save for a shed to put in the back garden. Its fine though as after the wedding we're going to work on making the flat a little but more homely and "ours". So we've both agreed to not worry about that sort of stuff until we are officially Mr & Mrs! But it still dosent stop you from wanting to get in there and get on with it!

Todays outfit is actually from today, unfortunately i was un-able to photograph what i originally wore yesterday. I was so annoyed and angry at myself, basically there was a wine glass of baileys in the shelf of the fridge door. Just before we went out food shopping, we were obviously checking to see what we actually needed. Too many times we've not checked, only to go shopping, come back and realise that theres more than you'd like to admit you've forgotten. So i'm going to look in the fridge i grab the door and swing it open realllyyy fast only to have a full wine glass of baileys and milk (i dilute every alcohol with something i'm a weakling) to fall right onto me then onto the floor and smash. I was not impressed.

I really wanted to get yesterdays outfit captured as i quite liked it, but i'm gonna have to wait until the top has been washed and dried now. Oh well i guess its something to thrown on when i don't know what i'm doing! Also todays photos are taken in daylight! Just with Chris working now (works from home but i don't like to disturb him!) when he finishes its dark, but it already seems to be getting lighter in the evenings weird...

Jumper- Vintage at Tarte
Dress- Laura Ashley at Charity Shop
Hat- H&M
Boots- H&M
Bag- Market Abroad
Necklace- H&M
Ring- Primark
Lipstick- Topshop in Brighton Rock

I started off with the dress and i thought it would look cool layered together with this jumper. I also liked how it brought the dress down from being overly girly, plus the little bit of pink in it matched. I couldn't choose between 4/5 pairs of shoes but i decided to go for the teal boots to match the slight green/blue in my jumper. I was going to add maybe cons/creepers but i didn't want he outfit to be too grungy. I thought, as well as the hat, the heeled boots give the outfit a more of a "chic" touch. As well as still being a little tough with the oversized black sweater. I added my converse bag to add a casual touch and one of my favourite necklaces as i think its awesome and the colours in it is gorgeous!


Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Hiya! I know the post is called monday blues but these photos were taken yesterday! And i thought it would be a cool title for the post since it was monday and i was wearing blue, which was not done on purpose. I just felt a casual day was needed. But i didn't want to go all out and wear my joggies and put on a scruffy hoody. I'm trying to wear something nice everyday, i fall out of the habit really easily though. If you haven't always got somewhere to go or something to do the first thing that comes to my mind is throw on my old trusty comfy grey or navy blue Jack Wills joggers (see their joggers collection here), as they are literally amazing and the best. They are so soft. I feel so much better as a person when i am dressed, i feel like an actual human and not a horrid gremlin form the underworld. 

I'm going food shopping today so i'm pretty casual but still "styled". I really need to get my haul videos up as well, as im desperate to wear the stuff i've actually gotten. I'm a bit weird, i don't like to use the stuff i've gotten untill i've shown you guys in a haul. I know its bad but i'm really ocd about doing things in a weird ocd way that makes sense in my head. You know, i have my birthday/christmas i show you photos, then i show you a haul video and then i wear/use the stuff i've gotten and you get to see it in outfit posts! Although, i still haven't photographed the outfits i wore for my 20th but im getting to get them up as soon as! I tell you what i need to do, make a list of all the videos and post i'm wanting to make. Then just make my way down the list :)

Cardigan- Primark
Trousers- Topshop
Bag*- Mistella buy here (different colours available!)
Creepers- Underground at Viper London buy here
Hat- Asos
Lipstick- Chanel in Legende

I didn't really want to dress up so i seen these trousers and thought id chuck them on as i hadn't worn them in a while. So i went for a blue t-shirt to match and my trusty chunky black cardigan as i wasn't really leaving the house. I went to morrisons for my monthly mags. I thought the creepers would be a nice touch as well as being edgy. I thought about heels but i didn't want that kind of look, i wanted to look a bit scruffy and laid back.


Monday, 27 January 2014


Hiya, how has your monday been? Have you been back to work or school? Not that im trying to rub it in, but i've not done anything today except this blog post. I did attempt to edit my birthday haul video, but desperate housewives was on and i'm a sucker for the whole chain. So i decided that i would edit it later when there was nothing on t.v that would demand my attention. Then millionaire matchmaker was on, so i thought i better get this post together while i'm not really doing anything. I did then take a trip to morrisons as i needed to get my months magazines before the months up, i think i caught them just in time! I'm also going film a review video for the beauty products that i did last week, i'm going to start with the Nailtiques cuticle care oil. While you are waiting for the video you could just read my review here.

So as i mentioned yesterday, Chris was being lovely and treating me to a great meal out. It was a bit of a celebration of the fact that he has now got a job (now i need to make sure i can find something!) and since we don't really go out as much as we'd like too he thought it would be a nice treat for us! Lucky girl eh? When we went, as you can probably see from my Instagram photos we really went all out! We were not holding back what so ever. 

Instagram- @hayley_mg
We had the same starter which was spicy sausage with mozzarella on bruschetta. Then for our main we shared a crumbled sausage and pepperoni pasta, as well as sharing two tapas dished of risotto balls with beef & pork and spicy chicken wings. We then had 2 tapas dishes to ourselves i had duck with black pudding and my always favourite mozzarella croquette potatoes. Chris had pork with balsamic vinegar and mozzarella sticks.

My hair looks really weird here for some reason?! grey & ginger :P

Dress- Topshop on Ebay
Coat- Topshop
Heels- New Look
Bag- Cancer Research (gift)
Headband- New Look
Bracelet*- Romwomen
Lipstick- Chanel in Legende

I could not wait to dress up for last night. I wanted something that was quite sweet and girly but also a little sexy and i really feel that this dress is those things. I feel that the chiffon lace helps with that little sexy touch while staying girly at the same time. I thought it would be also perfect to wear because it hides my food baby :P And i snagged it for a fantastic 99p on ebay! Obviously because its cream i decided to go for brown accessories and everything else.

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