Sunday, 19 January 2014


So this is the last of my holiday outfit posts. Tomorrow i will try and get my holiday video up with a collage of instagram photos, but i'm not promising anything! I have no idea how many clips i have to go through yet alone how long they are. So it could take a while! But i am pretty determined to get it done so we will see. I'm not sure if i'm going to do a few more posts with photography or not. If you all want me to, then please let me know down below! 

I think this outfit is from ether the last or second day, which will have been ether the thursday after everyone (apart from my Grandma shes afraid of the water) went out on a rented boat for the day or when we all sat on the beach front and watched as the boys/men went fishing. They were really great days as it was really nice to spend all day with each other. There were wooden benches and tables so if you wanted to go and take a picnic or order some food you could. Over to the left of us, there were a couple of spanish families (could have all been related we weren't really sure) just sitting together relaxing and talking with all the children playing together. They also had a MASSIVE paella dish where they all just helped themselves to some when they wanted. It was sooo nice! Its a shame you aren't able to do that over here, just get a group of people together and head somewhere nice. Of course its to do with the british weather! 

I'm convinced people would go out more and exercise more if the weather was good. Of course you would be more likely to walk the 5 minutes than take the car if the sun was out shinning. It isn't the most enjoyable experience if the wind is nearly knocking you over and rain is battering your face as well as it being freezing!

This is where my brother and that went to fish, right to the end!

Kaftan- Next

Top- Primark
Skirt- Ebay
Wedges- River Island
Sunglasses- Asos
Bag- Vintage

This last outfit was pretty much thrown together. I wore the wedges as i had started to get sores from my heels... and these are soooo comfy! As well as giving me the height i crave :P I thought it all worked quite well together, especially considering it really wasn't planned until that night!

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