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Monday, 30 June 2014

A Favourite; Tea & A Biscuit Or Cake!

Hiya guys! Welcome to my first post kicking off this blog relaunch of mine. Thank you to anyone who is here reading this today. I really do value and appreciate everyone of you lovely people who come to my blog & enjoy it. It brings me great happiness that i could potentially be making someone smile or inspired by what i do here.

Anyway, enough of the soppyness & on to the post!

Firstly, i just want to say. I LOVE TEA. I wake up thinking about my first cup and when i'm going to have one. I love it so much i've decided to call the discussion section of my blog, which is going to be on a Tuesday, "Lets Have A Cuppa & Chat!". Sometimes, i have one as soon as i wake up but depending on what my plans are, i'll have it in the afternoon. I personally only have one big cup or two small ones, if i have time, a day. I'm very conscious about the amount of caffeine i put into my body. As it can unfortunately bring on migraines for me, ow! As well as not being very healthy for you. If i am going out & need to rush then thats when i have two small ones so i can at least get my fix before i go out ;)

I do love to have a tea in the afternoon, especially when i'm doing blog or youtube stuff. I just find it so relaxing and a bit of a treat! If i'm really going all out, then i will have a cheeky cake or scone with it, especially if i've been out for lunch where they sell them. Its just a little treat i like to give to myself. It doesn't cost much to pop the kettle on and make a cuppa (as we Brits like to call it). I also sometimes like to get biscuits in, not all the time, as i said they are an extra special treat added on top. Sometimes, i even push the boat out even more and use my shabby chic tea set that i snapped up on ebay! Like i said, i treat my tea drinking like a treat.

My favourite treats to have with my cup of tea are, i'm afraid to say, good ol British classics! A huge slice of victoria sponge & huge strawberry jam scone! I couldn't be anymore of a british stereotype could i? Or as im sure Chris, my fiance, would say "English"! Now, with biscuits, i'm a bit of a bore. I don't really eat fancy all singing & dancing biscuits. I like my standard digestive biscuits, rich teas, ginger nut and occasionally the hobnobs which are oaty. If i'm really pushing the boat out i sometimes hear the maryland double chocolate chip cookies.

Hand on heart, i can't explain my love for tea. Was it bred into me from a young age? Or did i learn to want it? I mean we are a nation of tea lovers, all of my family drink it except my dad (he drinks coffee). I have drunk it since i was very little. I even think i can remember having it for the first time, my mum didn't allow me to have it, as it is a bit of an adults drink. I was at my Grandmas but i don't think she knew i wasn't really allowed it, so i totally took advantage of this! She had a little tea pot & matching cup which i somehow came to the conclusion that it must be for children then.

Then i was away making myself tea all day and to this day i still make my tea the same! When i was about 6 i was diagnosed with diabetes but, i don't think anyone knew at this point. So due to what was probably high blood sugars i had a thirst that was never quite quenched. So what i then decided was best for me to drink as quickly as i could, was to fill the cup half full with boiling hot tea & add half a cup of freezing cold milk. Now with two spoons of canderel. Then i was able to guzzle as quickly as i could! The only thing that has changed, is i quite like a strong tasting cup of tea, so i really squeeze the tea bag.

Let me know down below how you take your cup of tea! Or even coffee, also what's your favourite treat to have on the side?


Friday, 27 June 2014

Always #LikeAGirl

I seen this after an old acquaintance shared it on facebook, of course, after seeing the "Like A Girl" & her caption "So True!" I was definately intrigued. I hope you enjoy it as much as i did and it provokes some interesting thoughts & ideas.

More on this topic next week on Tuesday.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Haul 5- Bits 'n' Bobs


Saturday, 21 June 2014

Choies Limited Edition Summer Pieces!

Heya guys! I know its been awhile... but my SD card has broken so i have been able to get any outfit posts for you! I am going to try and get one as soon as i can though. So i thought i would give you guys something, so i decided to show you these fantastic cheap summer pieces! Oh. And by the way... HURRY! They are only on sale for like, 3 MORE DAYS!

Why i love these pieces as well is that the fabric looks really light for the summer, as well as being able to be transitioned into the winter by just layering them. Plus for the prices, i don't think you can complain if you can do alot with the clothes! Personally, i'm going to be picking of the vest daisy playsuit!  

Choies Limited Edition Summer Pieces!


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Favourites- May 2014!

26 Days Until New Blog Direction is Launched!

Be there or be square ;)

Sunday, 1 June 2014


Hiya guys! 
So since it is the 1st of June today i thought i would tell you about the new direction i'm wanting to take the blog in! Im wanting to expand a lot more on what i already post & talk about on here. I want to have a post everyday for you to read even if i'm not posting any outfit posts. Each day will have a set post or posts that i will always do each week regardless of what is happening in my day to day life.  Even if i'm posting an outfit of the day post i will still post about other topics on that day. I'm not going to have set days for outfit posts, they will just happen when they happen, i feel that is better than having set days to post about my style as i feel its more realistic. As well as this being a daily style blog.

So here is what will be happening!

The kind of lifestyle posts that i want to do will consist of tips on daily life things, showing you more of my bunnies, organisation, cooking & home things.

I want to call this section of the blog "Grab a cuppa & lets chat" as 1) I'm a huge lover of tea & 2) I want all of you to get as involved as possible with this. I want to hear your opinions & thoughts on whatever the topic is. The discussions will be about a variety of topics from popular stuff mentioned in the media such as; The Miley Cyrus at MTV awards scandal. To random things such as people sneaking into the cinema, acceptable or not? I hope you understand where i am going with this... 

I am also now uploading a video every tuesday to my youtube & i thought i should probably mention that on here as well! 

There are TONNES of things that i want to review & share with you. Such as movie reviews, restaurant, products, bags/clothes, music/albums, concerts & even the theatre! Through doing reviews like this i also hope to reveal to you all more what i'm into. I also think this will be quite a helpful section to a lot of people as we are always looking for peoples thoughts on things.

Now i may hear you saying right now, fashion? But isn't that what your blog is mainly about anyway & dosent the "outfit of the day" posts count as that? Well, in a short answer, yes. But i want to share with you the brands i'm into, designers, high street stores & the items i'm currently loving. As well as putting together different outfits for different events for inspiration or help. There will also be ebay finds, want lists, deals & cheaper options to the more expensive ones. As well as delving into fashion week when they are on! 

I'm not really a huge "beauty" person but i do want to start bringing beauty to the blog. I will start with fairly simple posts such as; my daily skin routine. I then hope to go onto any cool tips i've found, diy ideas & reviews which will also link in with the Review section of my blog. As well as showing you favourite products that i have & collections.

Saturday (Sometimes)
As i am technically a "photographer" i really want to start showcasing more of my work on here. I also want to start doing some street-style photography if i'm popping into town to see what people are currently wearing. As i feel that can be a huge source of inspiration for a lot of people and because i set up this blog initially to help inspire people i thought it would be a good to bring street-style photos to the blog.  I'm also hoping that, by introducing a photography category to my blog it will push me to start taking more photos again! 

So that is what will be changing around here! I'm not starting this straight away i thought id give a months notice & count down every time i post... So at the beginning of next month a new Addictions to Shopping will be here! I really hope you are looking forward to it as much as i am :D 
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