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Monday, 21 April 2014


Hiya lovelies!  I've had such a fantastic day on Saturday. I met up with my dad (technically step-dad but i grew up with him being my dad) who i hadn't seen in 3 years! I was so excited, the whole drive up to Glasgow my chest was just buzzing. It was so nice to be able to sit down and have a chat face to face, as well as meeting his wife to be! She was so lovely and i really couldn't be happier for the both of them. Chris came with me as well, but first my dad and i had an hour or so together, before we met with Laura, her two boys (who were also very sweet and cute!) and her mum! We then went to one of mine and my dads favourite restaurant! The Hard Rock Cafe in Glasgow that is still fairly new! My dad was/is a total hard rock geek and he got me into it a few years ago. I LOVE the franchise and really couldn't be happier that there is now one in Glasgow. The nearest one after that is Edinburgh and lets be honest, that really is a loooong way to go for a meal! So i was an extremely happy girl yesterday, seen my dad, got fed some Hard Rock food and now have a Glasgow Hard Rock Cafe top to join my other ones in my wardrobe...

Chris and i are also babysat my older cousins wee boys that night. I guess in a way they are my "nephews" they do both call me auntie... But i have no idea what they would be in "real family terms" :P I don't mind being an auntie, its kind of cool. Its the best of both worlds, you get act like an adult and look after kids but you dont have the full responsibility and stresses of being a real parent... I love kids and i can't wait to have them, even though i'm waiting at least 5-10 years before i have my first. Hence why i like to look after them once in a while and its nice to hear them excited about spending time with you. As you are the/a "cool auntie". Plus Chris and i really want to travel and just have time for ourselves before we really settle down... I mean we are still young. Not that i have a problem with young parents, i just don't want to be a young parent!

My Dad and i at Hard Rock Cafe! :D

Jacket- Unif at Nasty Gal
Creepers- Underground at Viper London buy here
Hat- H&M
Sunglasses- H&M
Bag- Roxy
Socks- Asos similar here

As i was going to be walking around Glasgow all day, i wanted something that would be comfy, chic and had my style thrown in somewhere! We finally had some hot sun as well, hence why my legs are on show! I also thought the fish net socks were super cool and different to normal socks so i threw them on. I love this dress its very summery, light and makes me feel super feminine! Even though i am a girl i try to stay away from things that are super girly! So obviously i added my chunky creepers and my slightly oversized leather jacket. Just to make me feel a bit more comfortable and in my style! I really need to try and wear this dress more, especially in the summer.


Thursday, 17 April 2014


Hiya everyone! How has your thursday been? I've had a pretty nice relaxing day to be honest. Chris and i went for some lunch with his Gran at Frankie and Bennys. As usual, we all ate way too much! I didn't grab any photos for instagram as i was too interested in actually eating as i was starving, we hadn't eaten anything yet. So by the time we were actually served some food i just wanted it to be in my tummy as quick as possible. I doubt we will even eat much dinner later... I think i'm just gonna pop to the local Co-op and grab a chicken and mushroom pot noodle for later! I know its not the healthiest option but at least its something, i could just not eat at all and thats even un-healthier. Although, as i'm typing this i've remembered we have some nice "subway" type of rolls in the cupboards and that could be quite nice. Plus its healthy. 

To be honest, i'm not one of those people who are obsessed with healthy things and trying to make as many healthy choices for myself & my body as i can. I pretty much eat what i fancy. But i do want to make healthy choices where i can because obviously i want to be healthy. Doesn't mean i'm going to become one of those people who constantly watch their diet and stick to a strict routine. If i can go for a healthier option rather than unhealthy then i'm going to try and choose healthy. Ive also started doing a zumba class on a monday at half six as i don't do any exercise at all and i want to get/be fit! I'm also going to start going to my older cousins on a wednesday morning to do her zumba dvd with her. So fingers crossed it all pays off and i feel better in myself.

Jacket- Topshop
Dress/Skirt- New Look
T-shirt- Muse Concert
Heels- New Look
Bag*- Misstella buy here
Hat- H&M
Necklace- Topshop

I decided to go for a layered look today as i wanted to do more with my dress rather than wear it just as a dress. I then decided to wear these heels again as i forgot how much i love them! As well as them being easy to grab... I then chose the bag and coat as i haven't really been using them alot recently! Also they both have brown and black on them, so i thought that would go quite well. Since i got my UNIF union jack coat i sadly turned my back on these little bomber... But i love it just as much as when i first got it! Also, i was worried you guys were maybe getting a bit bored of seeing this bag all the time, but to be honest i was as well. I just wanted to change it up a bit!



Hiya Guys, here i am with another post! Like i said in my previous post, i am here to stay for good this time. I really want to start focusing on my blog more as it really is a positive thing for me to focus on and i enjoy it a lot. Its something that i can do every week and it helps make me feel not as "worthless". Even though i'm not a "professional blogger" or earn any money from it, it is like a job! And i really enjoy doing this and want to keep doing it for as long as i can. I hope then even when i'm a "proper adult" with a real job, real working hours, hopefully a family and whatever else my life takes on that i still continue this little blog of mine! I was never that girl who was great at keeping diaries. I always started them for a wee while, then id forget to write in it one day and never go back to it. Until i found it in a corner somewhere gathering dust... (Well, not really gathering dust, but you understand what i'm trying to say). 

So what i quite like about my blog is that it is a bit like a journal for me. No i don't type up my most private darkest secrets, but if anything happens or i'm doing anything its recorded and stored right here on my little space of the internet. So hopefully in years to come, even if i'm not still blogging i will be able to look back at my life a bit and remember some of the "not so important" moments of my life and the "important" ones. Even when i have children they will be able to look up this little ol'blog and have a nosey at what me and their dad got up too and my (i'm assuming by then) god awful out of date style. As it will be by then! 

So today i didn't get up too much, i had an appointment at 11:30 so we made sure we were up in time for that as we had to travel a bit further than usual. Then we picked up Chris mum for a little spot of lunch! We then came home and Chris cut the grass as we have finally got a dry enough day. I'm so looking forward to the summer when i can get some lovely flowers and put them in my front garden! Do you like lovely flowers in your garden? Or are you a gardener yourself?

I'm sorry... I have the goofiest smile EVER!

Excuse the pink socks! :P

Jacket- Unif at Nasty Gal similar here & here
T-Shirt- Arctic Monkeys Concert
Trousers- Topshop (christmas present)
Heels- New Look
Bag- Romwe

So i actually threw this together half asleep this morning... As i said i had an appointment and i didn't give myself much time to get organised. So i thought i would go for the "bright trousers and black" look. As it was quick and easy to throw together! I seen these "jogger type" trousers which i hadn't worn in a while and since we've been getting slightly nice weather i thought they would be awesome to wear as they are quite light. Plus i didn't want to throw on my bright lazy oaf leggings again, as i've worn them a lot recently and done a black look with them. So because black goes with everything i thought it would be a quick option to grab a black top, leather jacket and some black & white heels to match the top. I chose these clog type heels as they have black and white on them which matches my band top with white writing.


Sunday, 13 April 2014


Hiya guys! Oh. My. God. I know, i'm back! Where have i been i hear you all ask? Welllll to be perfectly honest i'm not really going to get too in depth about explaining my "internet-disappearance act" (unless you guys stalk me on Twitter & Instagram then you will have known i was alive), all you guys really need to know is; Yes i took a break and now IM BACK! And i really do promise that i am back for good :) (well, for now anyway...Just Kidding! Im back for GOOD!) I want to get straight back into blogging as much as possible again, i've really missed it! My little blog has really become such a huge part of my life now, i feel almost lost if i don't do anything with it... 

So i would have preferred to have been able to do my 20th birthday post before this one as i really like to do things in order, or it freaks me out. I know i'm weird but i've come to terms with that. BUT i have been having some issues with my SD card that i don't think would have be sorted for today and i was pretty set on doing a post today. So i thought, oh well just get on with it and do my other one for now. As i might not even be able to sort the problems myself and will have to go into a shop, so it could take days or weeks. I don't know! So i wasn't prepared to wait that long to get back on track. I've come to terms that the post may be waaay into the future :P

So i hope you are entertained & kept happy with this post for now!

Instagram- @hayley_mg

So Chris very kindly treated me this Valentines! Normally, we do go halfs on things like this, but he wanted to be a proper gentleman this year! What a lucky girl i am :D He took me to the hotel at which we had our meeting with our wedding caterer! So it was kind of extra special because of this, i will always know remember that i've had a wedding meeting & a valentines there. Its one of the most beautiful hotels i have ever had the pleasure to stay out! It was one of the Dakota Hotels, we actually went to the one in Glasgow (click here for the actual Glasgow site) but to be honest its not right in Glasgow i would say its on the other side of Glasgow compared to where we are (which is 15 mins away). I can still NOT get over the meal! Seriously one of the most amazing beautiful meals i have ever eaten! If you look at my instagram photos above you will see or just search for "addictionstoshoppingvalentines" on instagram. We also went to the cinema (cant remember what we seen) and the next day we went to frankie & bennys for breakfast. 

Look how big that pillow is! :O We didn't sleep with it though.

For some reason i look a little ginger here?

Cute little cookies in a little jar! Soo awesome :D (with a bite out of it...LOL)

Cardigan- New Look
Jacket- Unif at Nasty Gal (half price)
Bag- Mistella buy here
Boots- Dr. Martens on Ebay (brand new for £50!!)
Tights- New Look

So i wanted something pretty casual for the day and because i was still obsessed with that brownish handbag, i thought i would go for a more neutral/burgundy kind of look. I really loved the outcome of the outfit it was still pretty & girly as well as being a little dark & grungy. I obviously had my Dr.Martens & my awesome unif leather jacket to help me feel not so girly! Which is obviously the COMPLETE OPPOSITE to my evening attire :P But what can i say? I always throw something in to be dark! 

Jacket- Minkpink at Asos (£120 to half price! Bargain)
Valentines Present T-shirt- House of Holland (wanted for ages)
Valentines Present Trousers- Asos (wanted for ages)
Heels- Topshop
Bag- Romwe (help add the dark to my outfit)
Headband- Crown & Glory
Lipstick- Topshop in Brighton Rock
Necklace- Primark

OUTFIT 2 DETAILS- Evening Wear
So i have this thing, where if i'm getting clothes/fashion kind of stuff as presents i always wear it that day/evening or for the event. Now as it wasn't really a birthday/christmas type of event i knew what i was getting (so did Chris he asked for a new keyboard & mouse for his gaming PC) as i'd asked specifically for these items which were the top & trousers. So i had planned in advance i wanted to do a kind of pink extravaganza with my items :P The top is a very light pale pink and because the pills on it are blue & pink i thought im just gonna have to do it! Although, rather than wearing my pink baroque heels i switched them for the navy blue ones to go with the top and for a bit of contrast. As everything was pretty much pink...

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