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Monday, 31 October 2016

Birthday Wishlist 2016

It's coming up to my 23rd birthday in a few weeks, 26th of November to be exact. Just in case you want to make a note for your diary... I have some mixed feelings about it. It seems only yesterday that I was even leaving my teens behind, to be now heading directly into my 20s is a little crazy to me... I sometimes panic that I'm not going to have enough time to do everything I want to do! Even when I tell coworkers or people of an "older generation" that I'm getting old, they just laugh at me & say I've got my whole life ahead of me. I don't think it helps when my baby face is staring at them, talking about ageing. So I have to try and remind myself what I have seen and done so far, as well as realising people are living right up to their 90s nowadays. Not that I think I should ignore the fact that time is passing by significantly quicker than it used too... But It does make me more determined to conquer the world, to see & hear as much of it as possible. Because there is still so much more to be done!

So since it is coming up to my birthday, I thought it would be pretty cool to share what I'm currently eyeing up. As well as giving some hints to my nearest & dearest... I'm not expecting to receive everything here, some of these things I'm hoping to maybe catch in the Black Friday sale. It's actually fallen on the weekend of my birthday this year. I went crazy last black Friday, but I'm not planning to this year. If anything from this list has money off during black friday and I haven't gotten it as a present, then yes I will probably buy it myself to say Happy Birthday. I'm not embarrassed to treat myself just because I'm getting older, any excuse to get a little treat. This year I'm more interested in the boxing day sales. Just because there isn't anything I'm overly desperate to get, but it will be great to see what deals there are after Christmas. So if I get any money, I think I'm just going to save it this year.

Who knows, since it is coming up to that time of year. Maybe you'll take inspiration from this yourselves. Maybe you'll see something for a family member, or a close friend. Or maybe you'll even see something you would like for yourself! Let me know what you think in the comments below. I would love to hear what you're asking for this year. For your birthday or Christmas!

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A Casual Halloween In Autumun

I had a successful & unsuccessful day today. How is that possible I hear you ask? Well, very easily. When I got up I had full intentions to film the video I never managed to, for my weekly upload yesterday. I thought well if I can at least get it up today, then that isn't too bad, Is it? So I set everything up, my background, my tripod, my camera & I was even sitting in the chair all ready to go. Poor Chris had even been banished to the bedroom with his laptop & headphones in tow. The cats had even been locked away, so there were no surprise visits in the background. As soon as I hit record, I bottled it and couldn't speak. Most of, if not all, my recent videos have been filmed while Chris was out the house.

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So I now feel super nervous & weird doing it with him in the flat. I don't mind filming vlogs in public or even filming with him in public as I feel I'm capturing that for us and our memories. But since I haven't really been filming properly again until recently, I've completely lost my confidence to do it. I know I will need to just do it once or even twice, to get over the first hump and embarrassment of doing it. But It's pushing yourself to get over that first hurdle that's the hardest...

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So what was the successful part of today? Well, the fact I actually put on something nice & we took some time to photograph what I was wearing. Plus, I'm actually uploading it. Its been such a long time since we took outfit photos, & it's been even longer since I actually uploaded said photos to the blog. There's been a few times where we have managed to capture some photos, but they have either not been to the standard we wanted them to be to be able to share them (photography is one of those things you need to continually be doing or you can loose your touch a little).

 Sometimes it's because I've not edited the photos or worse case scenario I have edited them and just forget to upload them! I'm going to start hanging any outfits I've worn on my rail, then if we get a day when the weather is nice or we haven't much to do, we are going to go out and have a "photo-taking" day. Outfit posts used to be all I shared on this blog & it isn't something I want to stop sharing on the blog. Its the main core of this blog!

We decided to go the cinema today and see Docter Strange, we pondered over going to see it yesterday but we decided today would be better. Why we decided to go today rather than yesterday, I have no idea. I'm considering doing a review on it, so if that is something you would be interested in, then please let me know in the comments below! Afterwards, we had dinner at Chris' parents, as tradition. Tonight we had lasagne, as well as sundried tomato, parma ham & mozzarella bruschetta for the starter. Spoilt, I know. Check out Chris' Instagram for a photo for our main!

Coat- Unif
Dress- Asos
Halloween Shoes- H&M
Halloween Ring- H&M
Bag- Accessorize buy here
Scarf- Topshop
Necklace- Market
Choker- Ebay buy here

Outfit Details
I bagged this dress, from the petite range at Asos, last winter. At first, I fell in love with the oversized design & pattern. Then, when it arrived, I fell in love with the heavy weight material. Its perfect for a Scottish winter! As I knew I was going to be sitting for a long period of time, I wanted something pretty comfy & slouchy so this recycled outfit was perfect. I'd already worn something similar, so I just changed a few things like the coat & shoes, from what I had originally worn earlier this week. In the spirit of the spooky season, I decided to pair my Halloween themed ballet pumps & spider ring from H&M. Everything else kind of fell together perfectly, a nice thick scarf from Topshop, to help with the lightweight feel of my jacket as well adding some layers & texture to the look. It also helped that colours matched the jeweled tones of the dress perfectly!

What have you been wearing recently? How are you coping with the continously changing weather? Let me know in the comments below! Speak soon guys.

Monday, 17 October 2016

How To Celebrate A Fantastic Halloween In Glasgow This Year

So here we are in spooky October! And a lot of people are working hard in the blog & youtube world. We have people doing vlogtober & blogtober, as well as make-up & costumes ideas galore. Take your pick you will find what you are looking for somewhere on the internet... I also want to point out, and have a little jokey moan, that Christmas stuff has already been out for a month. A month. We only just got Halloween items at the beginning of this month! Anyway, I promise that's the last time I'm mentioning the "C" word, for now... I think a lot of us are now in love with Halloween & October because it signifies the beginning of Autumn. Time for layers, good smells, great food, and cherished memories with your close friends & loved ones. So since it is the month of Halloween, I thought I could find out what spooky & Halloween inspired events are happening in Glasgow. Sorry to be just sticking to local things near me, I'm sure if you live elsewhere in the world, there will be something going on! So just try searching on google or even facebook. If you are brave enough, set something up yourself for your own community! I live in a sleepy Scotish village & one of the pubs is having a costume themed night.

Photo by Sara Bonisteel
Pumpkin Carving & Craft Beer Tasting
(Alcohol License is pending, you will have two options if they don't get it 1) Full refund, 2) 10% refund with pumpkin carving only)

If you are wanting to test your pumpkin carving skills this October, then head on down to Little Botanica, who were originally just florists (still are) & have now added a bistro cafe to their name. They also created the flowers for our wedding, so I have a slight softspot for this event... You also won't have to go through the mess of traditional pumpkin carving, they will have already done this for you! While you are letting your creative juices flow, you can also let the craft beer juices, from  flow into you. So if you fancy a relaxed, fun & creative evening, then I would book soon before they run out of spaces!

Saturday, 29th October 7-9pm £25
Little Botanica, Glasgow, G5 8JN

Day of the Dead Glesga

Bringing the spirit of Mexicos most famous festival, Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead), held in Saint Luke's Music & Art Venue, celebrate your Halloween with a latin twist. There will be Mexican food, live music from bands as well as DJS, performances, rituals and even sugar skull face painting! More acts are still to be confirmed as well. So if you happen to be too old for trick or treating now and live music's your thing, then why not give this a go?

Saturday, 29th October 7.30pm-1am £10
Saint Luke's, 17 Bain Square, G40 2JZ 

Source- Here

Halloween Dance Party

If you love partying to old school tunes and still want to have fun with dressing up, this is an event you will not want to miss. Make sure you tell your friends and make sure you dress up. You'll also need to be mentally and physically prepared, it will be a 6-hour danceathon... If you think you have the dedication & determination to make it! I'm a bit of a wimp, I don't know if I would make it.

Friday, 28th October 9pm-3am £19.50/£24
O2 Acadamy Glasgow, G5 9NT

Hedkandi Halloween Party

After having three sold out events in Scotland, they are back for a Halloween special one night only. So if you don't want to miss out & with this sort of popularity I would hurry! There's currently only just under 100 tickets left... If you aren't into the stereotypical dressing up but are finding yourself still wanting to party, then this one may be for you. With DJs occupying two rooms, I'm sure you will find something to suit your taste.

Saturday, 29th October 10pm-4am
Kavalii Nightclub, Bell Street, G1 1NX
Tickets Here

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Unboxing Of My First Designer Shoes! Charlotte Olympia

I Know I'm always late, but I am trying to work on that! I hope you enjoy the video anyway, no matter where you are or what time or day it is...


Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Hotel Review- Lodge on Loch Lomond

lodge on loch lomond review, hotel review, scottish hotel,

Image not owned by me. Source here

Positioned in Scotland's beautiful countryside, next to Luss, which has been known to be the prettiest village in Scotland. The hotel was open in March 1992 and went on to have further renovations in 1996 & 2005. There're many golf clubs located close by as well as the airport only being about 20 minutes away. You can also go walking & do an outdoor sport, as the hotel has partnered with local activity groups. The hotel has also had two US Presidents stay.

As soon as we arrived, we went straight to the receptionist to get checked in as we wanted to organise ourselves. There was only one person on, but after waiting a few minutes we were seen too as two other young ladies came out. Whether it was due to a queue building, or finishing their break I do not know! As we had booked ours through a wowcher deal (sign up for some crackers! I'm not sponsored to say this), we needed to give them a reference code but as it was our anniversary gift from Chris' parents I didn't have to hand. So we were told this was fine, just let them know on check out. This saved a lot of embarrassing faffing about! As with most hotels, we had to swipe a card, so just be warned, it does show on your statement that money has been taken out. They were really great and friendly when I called up to enquire about this a few days after the stay. Check in was very quick so we were off to our room in no time.

When we got to the room I unpacked everything and got us organised, but I had an enquiry. So I just used the phone to call the receptionists, which was answered very quickly & politely. Although, unfortunately, later that evening we called at least 5 or 10 minutes before closing time and the phone rang out! So we felt as if we had been ignored. Which actually leads me onto why we needed to call them in the first place. Being the technology, fast wifi hungry gremlins that we are, brought our laptops. Just in case. Even though I never even attempted to go on my laptop, Chris (my husband) couldn't even get a connection. He wasn't even able to detect any internet, nevermind actually getting onto an internet page. So that was a bit of a letdown. If you are hoping for some good internet access, I wouldn't hold my breath for here! Looking back, I should have tried connecting just in case it was his laptop having issues. But I highly doubt it. A lot of these places have a shared internet access for everyone, so it's harder to connect due to the amount of traffic.

So it was just normal t.v for us that night! The bed was super comfy & warm! A proper, sink in and snuggle type of bed. These are my favourites in hotels, you just want that little bit of extra when you're away don't you? The next day, check out went just as smoothly as check in.

Rooms & Prices
All rooms include T.V, radio, Wi-Fi, Tea/Coffee making station, hairdryer, iron & ironing board, telephone, 24-hour room service and a wake-up call (on request).

Classic Grahams £80pp
A traditionally lodged style room, which is located in the original lodge building above Colquhoun's restaurant & bar. There is a shower as well as a bath, either twin or double beds. You also get a double seated sofa which is ideal for watching the tv. 

Executive Munros £90pp
A more modern style room, with just the right amount of Scottish touches (a fellow scot can handle), which is located in the newer leisure/swimming pool building. The room is similar to the Graham rooms in terms of size & facilities. Although, these rooms have an open planned bathroom!

Deluxe Corbetts £100pp
Same comfort as the Grahams room but slightly bigger in size. Located in the main lodged building with balconies that have breathtaking views of the loch. If you choose this room, you also get your own private sauna as well as a larger bath tub. Some come with a sofa bed, so let them know at the booking if you would like this.

Cuillin Suite £120pp
A suite that includes two bedrooms with double beds & decent sized living room. The larger of the two rooms has an en-suite with a toilet, shower and a bath. In these rooms, it's the living room that opens up to the balcony. Although it opens onto a car park, you still get to enjoy the stunning panoramic views of the loch.

Carter Suite £120pp
The Carter Suite, which was a favourite of President Jimmy Carter, is pretty much the same as the Cuillin Suite. Some of the differences are; the sauna is slightly bigger as well as the balcony.

Travis Suite £214pp
Just newly opened, it has more of a modern design than the "lodged style" the hotel has previously gone for. There is only one bedroom with this suite, but you do get a much larger living space than the other rooms provide. The bed, however, is a lovely king size four poster bed! The colour scheme for this room is also entirely different from the usual oranges previously used.

16m Swimming Pool
Steam Room

Personal Thoughts
The surroundings & views are spectacular! I think for the views alone, a stay here would definitely be recommended, especially if you have never been to Scotland before. It is rated as a 4* hotel, but I personally think the decor maybe needs a little updating. It just seems a little tired which is a shame as there is so much going for the place! As I said, the views alone can sell this place, as well as the location. They have recently just launched their new suite, which from the photos, the decor looks incredible! So whether or not this is on the cards for the rest of the hotel, I've no idea. If they can get the rest of the rooms looking like the new suite, I think the hotel will have a lot more of a luxurious feel to it. Before we went I hadn't really seen any photos, so I was a bit worried about how much tartan and Scottish themes there would be. As a fellow, local Scot, I am proud of our tartan heritage but I don't want it everywhere. But, it was ok there was just enough tartan. We had an "Executive Munros" room which had a fantastic amount of space. But, the way it looks right now & the way the internet was, I'm not sure I would pay the full £90. In our wowcher deal, for £130 we had a 2-course meal for dinner (drinks weren't included), a room & breakfast for two. So with a little tweak here & there, a 4* luxurious hotel you will have!

loch lomond, lodge on the loch munros room, scotland, scottish hotel,

loch lomond, lodge on the loch munros room, scotland, scottish hotel, review,


Luss, Argyll, Scotland



Tuesday, 11 October 2016

My Thoughts on Kim Kardashian's Robbery

Hiya guys, I've decided to bring you an extra post this week, you lucky things you [insert cheeky emoji grinning face]. I'm still posting my main post of the week tomorrow which is a review. But I really wanted to write about the whole Kim escapade and I didn't want to talk about it any later as it was just the other week. So I didn't want to be bringing it up a few weeks like, "Oh have you heard what happened? Here's what I think!" & then everyone is bored because everyone and their brother will have given an opinion on this. I don't want to turn the blog into tabloid & celebrity gossip stories, but I thought there were a few issues that could be talked about with this.

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Source- Pascal Le Sefretain/Getty Images for Buro 24/7

Now, we ALL know who this very famous lady is. Her face, life & body are everywhere you turn. Even if you aren't fans of the family or watch their show, you probably still know who they are. Or have at least heard of them. I have to say, I'm not a fan of the family. Although, I'm not going to talk too much about that right now as I might actually talk about that in another post. She managed to go from a c/d list celebrity to being right at the top and being an A++. So love or hate her, she is an amazing businesswoman who's managed to create a career out of being someone who's just known. For a few years now, she has been making her way to the Paris shows for fashion week as she's friends (and quite possibly a client) of many well know designers within the industry. Even before she got to Paris, we all knew that she was going to be there.

kim kardashian 2016, kim kardashian robbery, kim kardashian robbed, 2016, kim k, celebrity news,
Source- Unknown

Many people have been disgustingly horrible about the whole situation, saying that she deserved it or she shouldn't have been on social media. But let's just take it back to the basics for a moment. We know she's a mother, as we've seen her children. We know that she's a sister, who cares and loves her sisters just like anyone else. We know she's' a wife and daughter. She has a job, which unlike a lot of us is in the spotlight. She is still a person, who feels and I'm sure in that moment as the robbery was taking place, I bet all she could think about was her life & children. Which is what would happen to at least, 99.9% of us. No one deserves to have their privacy interrupted and to feel like they will have to look over their shoulder constantly. In a way, I can totally relate. A year or so ago, I woke up to two strangers in my home stealing my items. Luckily, not to this extent. But it was a very surreal feeling, knowing someone was in my home while I was asleep. Taking my stuff. But to actually have a gun pointed at you, to have them physically touch you and make sure you are restrained? I don't think I could wish that on anyone or think that they deserve it. Neither should you. To wish bad on someone makes you worse, at least as bad as the person you hate. Especially if they aren't directly hurting anyone.

2016, kim kardashian, kanye west, power couple, celebrity life, red carpet, kim kardashian robbery, kim kardashian robbed,
Source- Unknown

I agree in the sense that, she shouldn't have been posting her exact location or telling people that she was alone (I read that she was doing this, feel free to tell me I'm wrong!). Unfortunately, with fame, you will always be a target for these types of ordeals. I'm in no way saying that we should all just accept it & think that it's fine. As it totally isn't. Fame wouldn't have helped, doesn't mean it should be expected. That's why I mentioned earlier that we all knew she would be there. They would've had weeks if not months to plan what they were going to do. Which also leads me onto one of my first thoughts when this happened, where were her bodyguards when this was happening? Someone like that should know that they need security. There are plenty of desperate people out there and some really are willing to take the risks. Turns out that he as actually with her sisters, leaving her with no one... Plus, why did she only have just one bodyguard? If I was someone with her stature & money I would be making sure I had an eye in every direction around me...

I don't want you to think I'm "hating" on her or thinking that this should have been expected and should have happened. I'm just trying to explain what I feel and think about the situation, as well as afterwards about the reaction. I just feel, with fame you do pay that price of privacy & safety sometimes. So you need to make sure you look after yourself. I honestly believe she didn't think anyone would ever be bold enough to actually do that to her. But people really are, as I said people are desperate. I think she made a mistake of not having more bodyguards and being super open on social media, but does that mean she should pay the price for it? Of course not.

Please let me know your thoughts & feelings on this in the comments below! Just don't be a bully please?

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Overnight for Wedding Anniversary

So heres my video I promised! I told you I would get it up, I hope you enjoy it. I really enjoy editing videos even though i'm a photographer, I actually hate editing photos! I just think that's really weird... Anyway, go watch the video.


Thursday, 6 October 2016

Cambridge Satchel x Vivienne Westwood Unboxing

So for some reason I never got round to posting this video from last week onto the blog! You may have now seen it, but if not here it is. I feel my most recent video is a bit better than this one, what do you think? Am I just imagining things again?


Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Restaurant Review- Colquhoun's

Hiya guys, so I'm back with another post. I know its been a while & I haven't done an outfit post yet... But, I am determined to keep posting. Even if doesn't happen as often as I want, or in the order I want. I'm determined to keep going! I have attempted a few outfit posts, but I wasn't happy with the photos. I just felt & still feel as if i've kind of lost how to do it... So a lot of practice is needed! Rather than not posting anything, I still want to go ahead with other types of content. I've also stuck to posting on a saturday for 3 weeks now on my YouTube channel! Which I am super proud of. For me I really do feel planning is key,  so good luck to me!

So recently it was my second wedding anniversary to my husband, (we've been together for five years) & I thought it would be a great idea to do some reviews about what we got up too. I really want to include travel & food onto the blog, so I thought this would be great to blog about. We also stayed at the hotel that this restaurant is a part of, which i'm also reviewing next week. Tonight on YouTube I'm uploading a mini highlights video, so make sure you subscribe to my channel (here) or follow my blog so you don't miss out.

Now let's get onto the review!

pork chop, black pudding, burger, tater tot, scottish food, scottish cuisine,
It was named after the owner Niall Colquhoun. The restaurant is a part of the Lodge on the Loch Lomond hotel which, you guessed it, is next to Loch Lomond in the scottish countryside. It has beautiful views of the water, as it has been positioned right on the water front. You can even see the wooden walkway across the loch. Not huge in size, which is quite nice. The food is modern but it does stick to its scottish roots! So if you aren't from around here, you will be happy to know, you will get some of our scottish classics! You will also be getting to taste local produce, which is always a giant plus when visiting somewhere new. There's many options to choose from throughout the day, they have an afternoon tea menu, a lunch menu and an evening menu. So no matter what time of the day you will have options! You can also choose from a wine menu, or if you are feeling adventurous a cocktail menu. If you are staying at the hotel, or even the local area for whatever reason, you can get your breakfast between certain hours.

As we walked in, all we had to do was give them our name & room number. We were then seated on a two person table. It nicely decorated with a white sheet and a flower, which was a nice touch as it was our anniversary! There were a few other tables with people seated, but it wasn't completely full or completely empty. We were there on a Tuesday night about 7.30, so this gives you a rough idea f what it can be like. The waitress was lovely, she had really great chat! We were served quite quickly with menu and drinks. Which can be a good or bad thing, depending on how quick it is.

For my starter, I went for a scottish classic. It was haggis with mull cheddar croquettes, turnip jam & mini nuts (I'm afraid I don't know what type they were!). I have to say, I really do love haggis it's not as scary as a lot of people think it is. Especially if you have it with other bits n bobs. The croquettes and turnip jam really complimented the haggis well. There was a little sweetness to the jam which was great for the slightly spiced haggis, also with the crunch from the nuts really gave the dish some good texture & crunch! Croquette potatoes are another love of mine so I was pleased to have them in my starter. For my main, I went for a good ol piece of meat! As soon as I seen the pork chop, I knew I had to go for it as its one of my favourite cuts of pork. If done correctly, it can be soooo good! It came with a "romesco sauce" which, at the time, I had no clue what it was going to be like. I assumed that it would be red in colour, but taste? I had no idea. I just hoped for the best! As I'm not really a huge risk taker when it comes to trying new food in new places.

When I tasted it, I could taste the peppers which unfortunately Im not a huge fan of in sauces. It actually wasn't too bad so I used a little, but I left a majority of it. The dish also came with rocket, pepperoni slices and another scottish classic, but with a twist. Black Pudding tater tots. These were the most amazing things I'd ever put in my mouth (Keep your minds out the gutter eh?). They were beautiful and did not disappoint at all. The black pudding went amazingly with the pork and the portion sizes were not skimpy at all. I was also lucky enough to get a big piece of crackling! Which brought me right back to my childhood with my mum and dad. Now, how was the pork I hear you ask? For me, personally, I could have taken it a little less well done and with a bit of pink (I can eat steak with a little bit of blue rare). So I wasn't as excited about the meat as I was about those tater tots! I still enjoyed it, just not as much as I wanted too... I would still recommend the pork though as I feel alot of people do enjoy their pork cooked like this.

For pudding, the hubby and I shared as we couldn't really fit one in! But since it was a special evening, we decided that we needed too. We had the chocolate semifreddo, which came with honeycomb, chocolate soil & cocoa nib wafer. It was basically what I thought it would be, a mousse. Only its part frozen. It was nice and light which is just what we needed after the starter and main course. So if you are looking for something light and chocolatey then this is the pudding for you! It wasn't too sweet and sickly at all.

Breakfast Menu
(Buffet Style, Mon-Fri 7-10, Sat & Sun 8-10)
Full Scottish Breakfast- £9.95
Continental- £7.50
Drinks- Roughly £3
Add ons- £2.95

Lunch Menu
Starters- Roughly £6
Cooked Mains- Roughly £13 (except the steak)
Sandwiches- Roughly £8
(also with chips & coleslaw)

Dinner Menu
Bread & Nibbles- £3.95 (except oysters)
Sides- Roughly £2-3
Starters- Roughly £7
Classic Lodge Starters- Roughly £5
Mains- Roughly £15
Classic Lodge Mains- Roughly £13 (except the steak)
Dessert- £6.95 (except cheese board)

Afternoon Tea
Tea or Coffee- £22.50
With a Glass of Fizz- £26.50
With a Glass of Champagne- £29.50
(With a choice of sandwiches and 5 out of the 10 options for sweet also included)

Personal Thoughts
From my first look at the menu, I thought it was actually going to be a lot more "fancier" than it was. Just because of the ingredients & descriptions being used as well as the photos from the website. Chris (my husband) also said the same, he's a bit of a burger connoisseur and wasn't particular blown away by his burger. There wasn't anything special or different about it. There were aspects of each dish I had that I really loved, like the turnip jam I had with my starter and the black pudding tots I had with my pork. I would still say they were traditional dishes with a difference. So if you are looking for good pub style food, then I would definitely check it out. From looking at other peoples dishes they seem to do a great fish and chips! As well as a decent sized steak. As I said earlier, if my pork chop had been a little less well done then I think I would have been raving a lot more about here! Sometimes, the way things are cooked are down to preference! So if you happen to be in the Scottish Highlands anytime soon, pop in at any time of the day.

haggis, scallops, turnip jam, croquette potatoe,
lodge on loch lomond hotel restaurant
Luss, Argyll, Scotland


Saturday, 1 October 2016

Cleaning My Make up Brushes For The First Time!

Here's this weeks video! I forgot to post last weeks, So I'll post it in a few days! Or you can pop along to my youtube channel right now to watch it.

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