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About Me

Hiya there, I'm Hayley & welcome to my blog! I am currently 22 living just outside of Glasgow with my husband Chris. We have two cats and have been married since 2014. I moved up to Scotland a few years ago in 2011, I still have family and was born here so it wasn't too out of the blue! Currently, my day job is at Next but I do have plans and dreams of being a newborn & children's photographer. Right now I just want to have fun and travel,  hence why I'm waiting to have my own business, but watch this space... Originally, when I first started this blog I only wanted to share one thing with the world and that was my style. After seeing many other blogs & growing more as a person, I found other interests and passions that I now too, want to share on the blog. 

My main loves in life (apart from my husband of course!) are photography, fashion, travel and food So I share these on the blog in a variety of different ways. Whether it's through a written review, a how to video or even photography. My blog, for me, is all about sharing creativity and inspiring others in any way possible. Creativity is important so,  as well as writing about these topics, I also try to include beauty & politics where I can. I enjoy politics more than beauty, but it is something Im currently getting into. So I thought it would be fun to track my progress & share here also.

Anyways, I hope you have some fun here and down below you can find what this blog is all about and when you can expect it.


All my outfit photography is done by Chris, my husband, here is his photography :)

So on Monday, you will be able to expect the general posts you would expect to see on lifestyle posts. You will see me cooking on my blog & youtube, as its one of my favourite hobbies! I will have posts on daily life, our pets, organisation & seasonal fun, like Christmas!

This the time of week when I ask you guys, to Grab a cuppa (or whatever) & chat. Because 1) Im a huge lover of tea (and you may not, so drink whatever!) and 2) I think talking and sharing opinions is great. It helps us understand things more, see different opinions and sides to the story. You will see a variety of topics, from one spectrum to another. Im talking recent gossip scandals to politics. Quite a contrast there, so I'm hoping you'll find something to peak your interests.

There will be many reviews about all kinds of things, such as movies, restaurants, products, music and even beauty here. The reason you'll see so many different kinds of reviews here is because I have a lot I want to share with you. Plus, I think its quite a helpful section as its always great to get more than one opinion sometimes!

I know theres a lot more outfit posts than anything on here, so that counts as fashion everyday. But I think a general section for sharing, current favourites and wants is better. So on Thursdays, you will see me talking about favourite designers, shops, inspiration and an actual topic. Rather than, just some photos of me and what I got up to.

Im no beauty guru, before you get too excited! My beauty section won't be crazy! You will find general topics such as favourite body wash, and how much I love my new lipstick... Although, with the section being introduced to my blog, Im hoping my knowledge and love grows for beauty & make up...

Saturday (Occasionally)
I am a photographer. Nothing fancy and I dont currently get any paid work. I do own an SLR Camera though. So when I say occasionally, I do mean occasionally. This section will mainly contain holiday snaps and general wonderings through the week if I leave the house...  Any opinions are welcome!

Outfit posts & Youtube Videos will be posted throughout the week.

If you don't already, why don't you follow me? I let facebook & twitter know right away when there's a new post/video. So you won't miss a thing again!
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