I have finally gotten my creepers! I wanted a pair that i hadnt seen anywhere else, and i found a pair! A union jack pattern from Viper London , an online shop. They are underground creepers. Remember  the post WHAT TO BUY? Ive saved money and gotten both of them! So here they are! arent they beautiful? Cant wait to wear them already have a few outfits planned for them! Plus i got a bonus pay off college for being in 80-90% attendance, so these are what i bought!

Buy them here from Viper London 

The website does some cool rocky kind of stuff, you should check it all out 🙂 Im so glad ive finally got some creepers! I cant wait to wear them and start posting! ive already got some outfits planned! Oh and ive just realised i only took photos of the 1 shoe, i did get another one, i got a pair so dont worry! 😛 

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