Today was really good fun! We just heard about this on the radio in the last week and we were just going for inspiration more than anything really because we arent getting married for about 2 years. I found things exactly for the kind of theme i want! I want a kind of Alice in Wonderland feel too it, like vintage inspired touches such as old china tea cups and tea. So i found the flowers, the invitations, the cake and the plates and things that i wanted! I didnt even know what i was looking but when i seen each of these things i knew they were exactly what i wanted for my wedding 🙂 

Im going to be creating like a wedding mood board or development book or something soon so i can keep on top of things such as prices, ideas and web address. Because the chances are i will probably have to go round a few business to get different quotes. But there were things that i see today that i wanted and i know i am probably going to have to go to those exact companies to get what i want because they were different, with different ideas. Even at one of the photographer booths today someone said to me, you like different things dont you? Because you are different you have a cool style! I was pretty happy when they said that, i like that my style stands out a little and its a big compliment for me and its nice to hear it off someone you dont even know. 

I didnt get as many pictures as i anticipated, plus i havent got pics of any of the stuff i want in my wedding! lol We kept getting told of, one of the woman at an invatations stand said it was because people take photos then go home and copy. Which i understand, i thought we would have trouble going in to be honest, we are always having to watch where ever we go when photographing. Anyway i will keep you all up too date with the wedding stuff! I think we re going to go back to the wedding show when its on the year we re getting married because there was money off and percentages off today. The really annoying thing about today is i didnt even realise it but the dress im getting was in the fashion show! We didnt go to it because we didnt know the times and prices. 

Some of the cakes are just amazing!


Love this photography! Really want things done like this for my wedding 🙂 

Pretty Dress! 

Chris will be wearing traditional scottish attire 😉

So happy to have Chris there aswell, someone did say i was a lucky one because he was taking interest!  Alot of womans other halfs were not interested at all! lol 

Chris will kill me for this photo but had to pop it in even when its crap! 

We got told off by thig guy for taking photos!

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