Heya, how are you all doing? Sorry havent posted for a few days just didnt get round to shooting any photos, no idea why to be honest! If you keep up with my twitter & instagram then you will have seen what i have been doing! If not then i advise you too if you want to stalk me more (please dont actually take that as permission to stalk me) than my blog allows you too. We have had such beautiful weather today in Scotland! The sun is out and it is about 20+ degrees! I cant believe it, maybe we are going to get a decent summer this year. Which means it will also make my blogging job much easier to do! Plus it creates much more beautiful visual content for you all. 

Today, as it is a thursday, we picked up Chris‘s mum from work then went for some lunch. Which was sooo delicious, but i forgot to take some insta pics of it! Still getting the hang of taking photos of EVERYTHING i do. I had lamb shank in a berry jus (not juice) with mashed potatoes, Chris had chorizo, cajun chicken and red onion pasta with a cream sauce and Suzy (Chris mum) had a mediterranean vegetable skewer with rice and a hot sauce. We went to a place called the Houston Inn, its amazing! Pub food with a very fancy twist. If you are anywhere near Houston Glasgow area then again i really recommend you go try it out! 

Once we had taken some photos and come back, i had decided to write a letter to my Grandma and Aunt Debbie. They had both recently sent me a card and postcard so i wanted to reply to them and get it posted today. So as it was a gorgeous afternoon/evening i asked Chris if he wanted to go for a walk with me to the post box, with a chance of an iced goody. I really love walking down our village as theres loads of pretty houses too look at and its a really nice walk. We had to walk to the bottom of the village though as the closet shop didnt sell individual ice creams and lollies but we didnt mind as the weather and temperature really was gorgeous. We were both going to surprise each other with getting some treats! But Chris insisted he got them, even though i wanted to treat him! He also made us some scrummy venison, chorizo & mozzarella burgers!

Instagram- @hayley_mg

So here is the outfit. I did actually get some inspiration for this outfit from another blogger called Le Happy, so i am going to post her lookbook in to credit her for it!

It is slightly different, but for ages i have been trying to find an outfit for this kimono! Originally, i was going to wear my red suede heeled sandals but i thought these kitten heel snake print ones were much much better and more classy. The reason for the post name is because my kimono has a sort of oriental print and my heels are croc printed! 

 (always wanted a pic of me “smelling” a flower, think they make great pics!)

Kimono- Vera Moda at ASOS

T-shirt- Primark

Jeans- Asos buy here

Heels- New Look

Bag (Celine copy)- Ebay buy here

Sunglasses- H&M buy here


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