Hiya everyone, ive been good and have another post for you! Today Chris and i were up pretty early as our two wee bunnies were going to the vets to get their bits snipped! Originally, we thought they were both girlies, but, we only recently found out they arent! When bunnies are babies its quite hard to tell if they are male or female. So we had to get them in for 9 and when we arrived we were way to early and had to sit in the car for a little while. It was so cute though, Tommy didnt like being in his box so we let him poke his head out. Cheekily, he jumped out so i held him and he was snuggling right into me and leaning his head against me. He dosent mind cuddles usually, but they are normally quite quick and on his terms if he wants them. So, there we were sitting in a carpark outside Pets at Homes holding and stroking a rabbit. They werent in for long but they are very docile right now as they were obviously under anaesthetic. As soon as we got home we put them in their cages to rest with a big bowl of veg & herbs! 

Here they are

 Tommy & Willow

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So while we were waiting to be called to pick our babies up (i honestly feel like a parent everytime we go to the vets, what the hell am i going to be like when im a real one?) we ran a few errands that needed to be sorted out and went for a spot of lunch. We went to our favourite restaurant Amarettos’ as they have a really good meal deal/lunch menu. I for once decided to be adventurous and try something new. I always re-order the same thing in EVERY place i eat. Was it a good decision? Yes and no. I had pork with a green pesto, lemon pasta. I really loved the pork it was super juicy and i love pesto! But the lemon touch was too much for me, i think i will order it again but ask for no lemon to be added! 

Dosent it look delicious though?

Instagram- @hayley_mg

So lets talk about todays outfit choice and the post title. I AM NOT at all into the sport trend, i personally really dont get it and this is as much “sport trend” you will get out of me. I need to try and make the outfits for these shoes as un-sporty as i can. But when i seen these beautiful DC “low tops” in tkmaxx i could not resist them! For some reason, it was like love at first sight. When i was younger i really wanted a pair but at the time my mum couldnt afford the prices of them! The prices of these really helped kick off my new found love affair for them, £84.99 down to £24.99! I love the colour of them plus, they are seriously some of the comfiest shoes i have ever worn. They are just amazing. Originally i was going to wear a pinkish crop top from Topshop but it was more a burgundy purplish pink. So i thought this top would match perfectly with the blue in my shoes. When i was younger i was really really into sports, i was pretty much the sport kid in my class aswell. So that is why i have names it i used to be a sporty spice 😛 Plus im now very unfit 😛 

There is a blogger who think in-corporates casual and chic really well and she pretty much always has trainers/sneakers on. Check her out, Sincerely Jules


T-shirt- Hard Rock Cafe Moscow

Skirt- Ebay buy it here

Hi-top trainers- DC at tkmaxx £84.99 to £24.99

Bag- Ebay buy it here

Sunglasses- Religion at tkmaxx

Lipstick- Topshop in Brighton Rock here

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  1. June 14, 2013 / 7:58 pm

    Oh my god, when I opened this and it loaded I just squealed 'AWHHH BUNNIES!' they're so cute, I hope their trip to the vets went okay ♥
    And you pulled off the sporty look perfectly, looking awesome m'dear!xx

  2. Anonymous
    June 16, 2013 / 4:34 pm

    I love the montage shots with different angles of the same outfit cut into a single image.

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