Hiya everyone, sorry ive been “mia” missing in action. How are you all doing? Have you been struck down with the return of the bad weather like we have in Scotland? We were getting such nice weather then all of a sudden the cloudy skies and spitting returned. Last weekend i went down to my dads as my little brother was visting because of fathers day. The plan originally was to turn up and surprise him this weekend, but it turned out that Thomas was visiting last weekend instead. We had a good time together, if you seen my instagram the weather was amazing! I even got a little sunburnt while we were at the park playing cricket. My brother isnt normal he has some amount of energy! Even when its boiling hot and hes too tired to run, he keeps running! I really wish i had his energy and enthusiasm for sport.

These photos were taken a few weeks ago at my villages’ annual fete & parade Lillias Day. It was created for someone who used to live here, quite some time ago, but to be honest i cant even remember why it was even created and why we celebrate it for her. It used to be really good and busy, but i feel these days people really arent interested in these sorts of things. Especially taken part in your community. Chris and i found my two cousins to watch the parade with as Amy lives here aswell and Lisa has two children, who love these things. Then we just hung about with my younger cousin and her boyfriend for a wee while. Unfortunately, all that day the rain was on and off so we came home and watched a movie. The sun actually decided to pay us a visit once everything had finished and been cleared away.

Instagram- @hayley_mg

Im pretty sure originally that day i had something else planned to wear, but since it was raining a little i had put something on a bit more warm and covered. I literally threw this together as i seen the top next to my bed and i hadnt worn my Dr martens in a while. I did want something a bit cool/rock looking to wear but i wanted to be comfy also as i knew id be walking about. I really love how this outfit turned out and even though ive now blogged it, i would like to wear again. Soon. I added some pink lipstick to add a pop of colour and since im always wearing red!

t-shirt- Vintage Harley Davidson
shorts- Ebay buy here
jacket- UNIF
boots- Dr Martens
hat- Asos buy here
sunglasses- H&M
bag- Romwe
lipstick- Limecrime buy centrifuchsia here


  1. June 14, 2013 / 11:07 am

    I love your outfit: it,s so effortless and cute!

  2. Anonymous
    June 19, 2013 / 9:51 pm

    Love the fashion shots, especially the b&w ones. Move over Liz Taylor!

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