Hiya everyone how are you all today? Our summer in Scotland has now been and gone. Now replaced with the grey skies and the grey mood that accompanies them. I have had a very lazy day, not getting up until past mid-day! I know, im very naughty. I was very tired from yesterday so i fell into a very deep sleep filled with loads of crazy dreams. As Chris is normally on breakfast duty, he made us both to a square sausage (lorne sausage, sliced sausage, flat sausage) sandwich. Its a scottish delicacy. If you ever come to Scotland you have to try them, none of that normal sausage crap đŸ˜›

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All we have literally done today is run to Asda to get some puddings, as i cooked some dinner for Chris’ grandparents and us. I cooked my famous honey-roasted gammon. Its one of my favourite meals and meat! With it we had rosemary & garlic roasted potatoes with cauliflower cheese & brocoli, with added cheese on the top. Fatties. Here are the results. 

(sorry to any vegetarians!)

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I wore this outfit a few days ago, well last week, and never got round to posting it. I think i just had a few lazy days then i was visiting my dad. But it dosent really matter as you are getting to see it now! Now the reason for the title post is because i felt well out of my comfort zone wearing this. Its very pastel & pink. I know i look like a girly girl but girly things and pastels do not make me feel comfortable! I need to add something dark or a kind or rock/grunge vibe to it. But im glad i pushed myself and wore something out of my comfort one. I do think ill wear more pastel outfits and maybe ill get used to it, but i think i will maybe try to add something with a darker edge to make it more me and feel comfortable. 

Top- Planet Hollywood Florida
Sunglasses- H&M
Shorts- Internacionale
Bag- market abroad
Belt- New Look
Wedges- Given
Lipstick- Clinque


  1. June 18, 2013 / 7:17 pm

    That boyfriend of yours is pretty incredible to cook for you, babe.:) And I really like the outfit too, especially those wedges!

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