Hiya everyone! How are you all doing? We have been receiving some glorious weather here in Scotland the past few days! The temperature has been so warm, im constantly feeling as if im being cooked. Now, im not about to complain about the hot weather because i really do love when the sun is out. But i really really struggle when it gets hot, as i really cant deal with the heat. It isn’t long until i need to seek out some cool shade to relax in and protect my poor milk bottle white skin. Thats another thing, i dont tan. I go a bright pink. Or red. Attractive. When i go on holiday in August im investing in factor 60 for my face and factor 50 for my body. I really dont mind that i dont tan, i quite like having a pale complexion. It was what i was born with and its what i suit so im not going to try and achieve a look just because society dosent look the same as me or agree. I think so many females nowadays try and achieve that “golden tan” look and end up with a rather orange tinge to themselves and looking rather ridiculous, which is a shame. I dont understand why we cant just all appreciate our natural beauty, because at the end of the day guys really dont find “orange” attractive ether. 

As im typing this im waiting for my washing to finish so i can hang it all up outside, the summer and sun is great for this. Its a much quicker process and much tidier! It makes me so happy! (I cant really believe im talking about clothes washing but, we all need to do it dont we?!) 

Last weekend me and Chris went down to Carlisle to see my dad and that side of the family. It was for my cousins birthday, which was actually the weekend before, it was quite fun and it was nice for all of us to get together as we hadn’t done it in a while! We had a buffet, which i was not shy of at all!   We also done a quiz (my family loves them and they happen pretty much every time theres an occasion like this) and played pass the parcel believe it or not! Im still not sure if this happend because my little brother was there or if it was for the adults! On the saturday morning before everyone came over me, Chris, Thomas (my brother) and my dad went to Silloth (where i got sunburnt!) for some sea fishing and to take some photos. I got the odd few im quite pleased with! I will sit down tomorrow to get them edited to show you all! Heres my photography page if you want to have a look at some of my past stuff for now! 

Todays outfit i just threw together as i was trying to get out the door, so we could go for lunch with Suzy (chris’ mum). I didnt get any insta-pics of my lunch as i was to hungry but it was good! I had tomato and basil soup with mozzarella, ham and tomato sauce on brushetta. So the top and skirt are pretty casual so i decided to add these simple elegant sandals and my new hat to add a bit of chic to the outfit, aswell as the long chunky black necklace. I think it worked quite well, its amazing by just adding small touches to an outfit you can completely transform it! I felt like a right lady in this outfit. The blue handbag somehow did match, it really goes with the grey of the top and the slight tinges of blue in my skirt. 

(i havent edited these alot today as i didnt know what to do with them!)

Hat-  H&M The New Icon Collection (sold out check local stores!)

Sunglasses- H&M

Bag- Market Abroad

T-Shirt- Abercrombie & Fitch (old)

Skirt- Max C London at TKMAXX

Sandals- Zara

Lipstick- Chanel 

Necklace- Gift


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