Hiya everyone, im back! I have so much photography to show you guys, but i need to sort through them all first! As well as photos, i took a few video clips while i was away as well so once i have done all that i am going to post the outfits i wore so that you can see everything all together. So as soon as possible i am going to get to work on my holiday stuff! I have loads of posts and videos to get together from way before i went on holiday as well so i really need to get to work on my blog! 

Today me and Chris went out too lunch with his grandparents and we went to harvesters, i had the plantation platter and it was delicious! I didn’t eat it all so i brought most of it home. I haven’t really been up too much recently just been getting back into being home and obviously sorting out my suitcase. Luckily enough i didn’t have alot of washing to do as i did a big chunk of it before i came home! 

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I just threw this outfit together today. I really wanted to wear my new wedged trainers and something a bit grungy. Now, i have to admit i AM NOT a fan of the wedged trainers and the sporty trend (i have mentioned about the sporty trend before) but as soon as i seen these trainers on Topshop i instantly fell in love with them! So much so ive bought them in a size 7 rather than my normal size 5. I still haven’t come across another pair that i have even liked. They are so comfy and with these ones (im not sure if you can do it with any other wedged trainers) i can actually take the wedge bit out. So if i just want to wear them as normal trainers i can. Perfect! I thought the jumper and skirt would much because the colours in them both are quite toned down and pastel like. As well as there being blue in my skirt. The hat, obviously helped me keep a small dark edge to the outfit and the slight grunge feel i wanted.


Jumper- New Look

Skirt- Topshop

Trainers- Topshop

Bag- Market abroad

Hat- Asos buy here

Necklace- Topshop

Bracelet- Ed Hardy


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