Hiya everyone how are you all this fine Tuesday? We have been very lucky and blessed with the sun today! Yesterday and the day before it has been spitting and raining. I fear that the winter is close and is soon to jump back into bed with us and give us all its got. To be honest with you, I don’t have a problem with the winter its just the rain. Which, in Scotland we get a rather a lot of. Again, i wouldn’t mind it AS MUCH if we were getting decent summers. So at least it would be worth it. Although i am fully prepared for outfit photos this Winter, we invested in some studio lighting, so no getting caught be the weather! Initially, the lights are/were for our photography so we can start getting clients in. But, they are also perfect for the blog! So two birds with one stone. 

Today i was a little busy bee! I got up pretty early (well for me, and in comparison to recent awakenings) because i was wide awake, so i got THREE washings done (nice weather means i need to take advantage of the opportunity), cleaned out the bunnies cages to keep them fresh and i had a little tidy of the kitchen. I think i need to start setting myself little tasks to achieve everyday, because it made me feel really good. I know it wasn’t a lot and i’m not saying they should be huge tasks. But it feels like you’ve achieved something for that day and i really do feel it can help boost and maintain your mental health/balance. Once i had hung up the last washing Chris treated me to some lunch at our favourite little local cafe, Bernies. I had my old favourite BLT (without the T) sandwich. It was delicious. Oh and i had DOUBLE the portion of fat mayonnaise coleslaw. Bring on the fatness.

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Tonight, i actually have plans. I know right. Plans during the day AND during the nighttime? Crazy. Although, its not that interesting, its just me in the kitchen cooking for Chris, my cousin and her other half. Bolognese to be precise. I havent seen them in ages so we decided they would come up tonight and last minute last night decided I would cook some dinner for us all (I have been saying id do it for ages). I really love cooking and i think i am going to try and start videoing that side of me. 


I dont know how the outfit came together, i just know i had decided it was time to wear these £3 trousers from Primark. I originally wore this outfit on Sunday, but due to the dark evenings we get now i wasn’t able to get photos. I wanted to do a safari type look with them, so went for a checked shirt and these boots which i am in love with. Again, the satchel i thought tied in with the kind of look i was going for.

Shirt- George at Asda

Trousers- Primark £3!!

Boots- H&M

Bag- New Look

Sunglasses- H&M

Lipstick- Bobbi Brown in Black Raspberry


  1. September 11, 2013 / 2:21 am

    I have been waking up earlier these past few weeks and I feel like you can get so much more done in a day if you get up a couple hours earlier! It's a nice feeling. These booties are SO rad! I love the color against the pale trousers. Cool style, friend! xx

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