Hiya guys, i’ve had a bit of a productive day today! I got up early, well to be honest i didn’t go to bed at all… I just stayed up. There is a reasonable explanation though. I had to be up for 11ish and it was already 6:45 so i just thought, its going to take at least another hour or so to fall asleep and there would be no chance of me getting up. So instead i got this months Vogue and read for a wee while before getting some breakfast, then getting ready and out the door. So since this post will be uploaded soon enough, i am going to try and do a bit of tidying around the flat. Plus, i want as much time as i can get this evening and tonight to try and sort out my videos for YouTube! I have no idea why, but YouTube won’t accept my videos because of the file format. Even though it says its one of the accepted file formats on the site… 

So after we had done what we needed to this morning (still not resolved due to people giving the wrong information! Drives me mad!), Chris was going to take us to get some lunch. But we were fortunate enough to receive a call from his mum and be offered some lunch. Of course we said yes! It just means me and Chris can go out tomorrow to eat, which works out great because i need to get a few “beauty” bits n bobs. It really isn’t much, just general shampoo & conditioner as well as some face cream & toner. I’m pretty sure thats as much “beauty” you will get from me, maybe i will get into it more as i get older but right now i highly doubt that. So for lunch we went to a gorgeous pub/restaurant called The Houston Inn, it has a really lovely atmosphere. Its not a general old mans pub ether, it has a fancy homely touch to it. 

So for a starter i had camembert and for my main i had chilli nachos! Which are amazing…& fattening…

Instagram- @hayley_mg

Coat- Vintage

Dress- Jack Wills in a charity shop £89 £2.50 

Boots- River Island

Bag- New Look


So today was just throw together as usual. As i was looking through my wardrobe to find something to wear, i seen this dress and wanted to wear it straight away as i haven’t yet. I really love it, i loved it when i first set my eye on it on Jack Wills but it was ridiculously priced at £89! So you can imagine my delight when i found it in a charity shop for £2.50! I added brown accessories and shoes  as i just wasn’t in the mood for black today! Hence why i added this coat, i thought the green would match the blue dress and it would be better than a big over-sized black leather jacket. 


  1. September 20, 2013 / 4:15 pm

    Those nachos look AMAZING. I also really love your jacket – it's such a lovely colour xo

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