Hiya guys, how are you all today? I’ve had a fantastic day 🙂 Braehead & Xscape were having a student evening. So i decided that we should take full advantage of that, how could you not? NO i did not go on a HUGE spending spree, i wanted to do some things with Chris instead. I’m not going to lie and say i didn’t have a look or get anything but it wasn’t just discounts off in the shops. Since i bought my first Minkpink item last night from Asos (they were having a 60% off coats untill yesterday), i didn’t really want to spend anymore today on myself. I got one thing from H&M and i had a look in Topshop but to be honest, they always have 20% student discount days online anyway. So i will get the chance to buy what i want from there another time. 

We went to an amazing burger place in Braehead called Handmade Burger Co, its so good! I had already decided what i was going to have, so i’d been dribbling over my burger for a day or two before i finally ate it. I know its going to sound silly, especially with it being a specific burger restaurant, BUT all it does do is burgers and there are SO many choices! I really didn’t expect there to be that much. They also do 30% off  for students on a monday from 3pm, so get your bums down their students! Its really decent grub, and decent prices! Afterwards, we popped along to the bowling, which is a Bowlplex, at Xscape right next to the shopping centre. It was really good because we hadn’t really been in ages! Its such a fun game for being so simple! I did loose, but i had definitely improved on my last performance! So i’m super happy. I did much better on our 2nd game and i really wasn’t that far behind Chris’ score! We are both competitive, but who likes to loose? 

No one.

Chris had a Jimmys beef cheese & bacon burger with cajun chips and i had a greek lamb burger with feta, tzatziki (yoghurt sauce), mayonnaise & lettuce with coleslaw! Oh and i had a chocolate milkshake 😀

Instagram- @hayley_mg

Jacket- Vintage

Playsuit- New Look

Boots- H&M

Hat- H&M

Bag- New Look

Lipstick- Topshop in Brighton Rock


I just threw this together today, i chose to wear all green because theres green in my playsuit. Sorry to bore you with this jacket and these boots again, but i love them! Pink lipstick was to also match the pink in my playsuit 🙂 I literally seen my playsuit and thought, its time to create a new look with you! I wanted to go with a new vibe rather than the racy Lolita look that i had done previously, so i think i managed it! What do you guys think?


  1. September 25, 2013 / 1:21 pm

    Agh, those burgers look great! And you look amazing as always, I love that playsuit <3
    And the colour of your bag and boots is so gorge ♥

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