Hiya everyone, how was your saturday? I have had a fairly chilled saturday, Chris very kindly took me to dinner at TGI Fridays  in Xscape as i have been choking for one for ages! It really is a guilty pleasure. It taste so amazing but omg its high in calories (no i don’t watch my calories i’m on the “seafood” “seefood” diet, i see it and then i eat it. Simple as) as Chris always kindly points out to me! We were originally aiming to go to Braehead for some window shopping and beauty bits but we hadn’t realised the time when we arrived, as well as not realising that the shops actually shut earlier on the weekend. Crazy. Also, if you hadn’t already, i have posted my recent OOTD’s onto YouTube so go check them out! I have done a post with all the videos so you can just have a look through my blog. But i would really appreciate it if you would subscribe 🙂


So here is what i had for my dinner! I had buffalo wings with “Red hot sauce” and an 8oz New York Strips steak with the Jack Daniel’s sauce which is the bees knees.

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Scottish style


Tartan Litas


Scottish fashion blogger


scottish fashion blogger


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scottish fashion blogger


Scottish style


Scottish fashion blogger


scottish style blogger


Scottish style blogger


fashion blogger

Top- Vintage

Shirt- New Look

Shorts- Topshop

Jacket- Vintage (was my uncles)

Boots- Jeffrey Campbell at Dolls Boutique

Hat- H&M

Bag- Market Abroad

Lipstick- Clinque (don’t do the shade anymore)

Eyeshadow- H&M buy here


Today i decided to go for a rocker look for my lovely fiance. I think she suits the style really well and its a personal favourite of mine. I thought that i was quite adventures with her style today, normally i am quite reserved. i wasnted the outfit to have an american theme, hence why i chose the american patterned shorts and her guns ‘n’ roses tee. I added a dash of scottish heritage with the kick ass tartan litas and finished the outfit off with a trench coat and a nice blue bag.



  1. September 21, 2013 / 11:24 pm

    That food looks SO good! I also love your shorts xo

  2. September 24, 2013 / 5:55 pm

    i need those jeffrey Campbells, they're perfect….

    Sophie from

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