Hiya, how has your monday been? Have you been back to work or school? Not that im trying to rub it in, but i’ve not done anything today except this blog post. I did attempt to edit my birthday haul video, but desperate housewives was on and i’m a sucker for the whole chain. So i decided that i would edit it later when there was nothing on t.v that would demand my attention. Then millionaire matchmaker was on, so i thought i better get this post together while i’m not really doing anything. I did then take a trip to morrisons as i needed to get my months magazines before the months up, i think i caught them just in time! I’m also going film a review video for the beauty products that i did last week, i’m going to start with the Nailtiques cuticle care oil. While you are waiting for the video you could just read my review here.

So as i mentioned yesterday, Chris was being lovely and treating me to a great meal out. It was a bit of a celebration of the fact that he has now got a job (now i need to make sure i can find something!) and since we don’t really go out as much as we’d like too he thought it would be a nice treat for us! Lucky girl eh? When we went, as you can probably see from my Instagram photos we really went all out! We were not holding back what so ever. 

Instagram- @hayley_mg

We had the same starter which was spicy sausage with mozzarella on bruschetta. Then for our main we shared a crumbled sausage and pepperoni pasta, as well as sharing two tapas dished of risotto balls with beef & pork and spicy chicken wings. We then had 2 tapas dishes to ourselves i had duck with black pudding and my always favourite mozzarella croquette potatoes. Chris had pork with balsamic vinegar and mozzarella sticks.

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My hair looks really weird here for some reason?! grey & ginger 😛

Dress- Topshop on Ebay

Coat- Topshop

Heels- New Look

Bag- Cancer Research (gift)

Headband- New Look

Bracelet*- Romwomen

Lipstick- Chanel in Legende


I could not wait to dress up for last night. I wanted something that was quite sweet and girly but also a little sexy and i really feel that this dress is those things. I feel that the chiffon lace helps with that little sexy touch while staying girly at the same time. I thought it would be also perfect to wear because it hides my food baby 😛 And i snagged it for a fantastic 99p on ebay! Obviously because its cream i decided to go for brown accessories and everything else.

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