Hiya guys! How are you all today? I’m feeling good, i’m really happy with some of the small changes i’ve made in my life recently. They aren’t significantly huge life changing decisions or “New Years Resolutions” just some minor things that i wanted/thought i needed to change. I am slowly but surely keeping up with them all daily, but you have to start somewhere right? I have to say i have felt a little different already, i don’t think i’m as lethargic as i was before the christmas period. Sometimes you just get yourself into a bad routine and its really hard to shake it off! But this time as i said, it seems to be working! I don’t know whats different this time, i think its to do with my mindset. I was so determined to just get on with and stop bitching. So a kick up the arse can always help 😉

Today we went for lunch with Chris’ mum to the trusty ol’Linwood Farmhouse, its freaking amazing! I love the place, its just really good pub grub! The menu is huge as well, so i don’t think you would struggle with trying to find something to eat. Not to mention the prices, which is good for skint folks like us 😉 I had the same for lunch that i always go for in there… I really can’t help it! I’m a creature of habit, what can i say or do?

Instagram- @hayley_mg

T-shirt- Vintage (was my mums)

Shirt- New Look

Skirt*- Choies (apart of a set) buy in blackwhite & grey (want them all…)

Jacket- Vintage

Hat- Asos buy here

Shoes- New Look

Bag*- Misstella buy here (loads of colours!!!)

Frog Ring- Topshop

Blue Ring- River Island

Claw Bracelet*- Romwomen

Lipstick- Limecrime in Glamour 101


As i was just pondering about the flat today and going out for lunch, i wanted something casual and pretty comfy but with a chic twist! I thought i should wear this skirt as i hadn’t in a while and you guys seemed to love it! So i thought i would try and see what else i could do with it, i thought doing a plaid/grunge vibe with it would look pretty cool. So i love this top as i was a HUGE winnie the pooh fan when i was younger and it matched the red in the tartan top, i originally was going to put on my tartan litas. But Chris and i both agreed that these croc red kitten heels went much better and gave it the chic twist i was looking for! I could of just added my trusty docs or creepers but i like to mix things up a bit…  Mixing contrasting styles. Chris actually said this one of my “tame outfits” 😛 I knew already i was going to use this bad as its amazing! I’m so in love with it and it really helped give the elegant feel i was looking to add. I styled gold jewellery with this outfit because of the gold on my bag.

So what do you think? Did i manage the plaid/grunge/chic look?


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