Hey everyone 🙂 i’ve not really done much today, went to see Chris’ grandparents and he treated them to a Chinese for lunch. It was delicious and i have leftovers for munchies later wooo! For the past few years its been a bit of a tradition to see them on a wednesday and go for some food. So it was a bit of a thank you. After i’ve posted this (as well as my lookbook & chictopia) and had some dinner i think i’m going to have a look around the flat and see if anything needs a tidy. Theres so many things that i want to tidy up in the flat or move about, like storage cupboards and under our bed, but i can’t do that until we save for a shed to put in the back garden. Its fine though as after the wedding we’re going to work on making the flat a little but more homely and “ours”. So we’ve both agreed to not worry about that sort of stuff until we are officially Mr & Mrs! But it still dosent stop you from wanting to get in there and get on with it!

Todays outfit is actually from today, unfortunately i was un-able to photograph what i originally wore yesterday. I was so annoyed and angry at myself, basically there was a wine glass of baileys in the shelf of the fridge door. Just before we went out food shopping, we were obviously checking to see what we actually needed. Too many times we’ve not checked, only to go shopping, come back and realise that theres more than you’d like to admit you’ve forgotten. So i’m going to look in the fridge i grab the door and swing it open realllyyy fast only to have a full wine glass of baileys and milk (i dilute every alcohol with something i’m a weakling) to fall right onto me then onto the floor and smash. I was not impressed.

I really wanted to get yesterdays outfit captured as i quite liked it, but i’m gonna have to wait until the top has been washed and dried now. Oh well i guess its something to thrown on when i don’t know what i’m doing! Also todays photos are taken in daylight! Just with Chris working now (works from home but i don’t like to disturb him!) when he finishes its dark, but it already seems to be getting lighter in the evenings weird…

Jumper- Vintage at Tarte
Dress- Laura Ashley at Charity Shop
Hat- H&M
Boots- H&M
Bag- Market Abroad
Necklace- H&M
Ring- Primark
Lipstick- Topshop in Brighton Rock

I started off with the dress and i thought it would look cool layered together with this jumper. I also liked how it brought the dress down from being overly girly, plus the little bit of pink in it matched. I couldn’t choose between 4/5 pairs of shoes but i decided to go for the teal boots to match the slight green/blue in my jumper. I was going to add maybe cons/creepers but i didn’t want he outfit to be too grungy. I thought, as well as the hat, the heeled boots give the outfit a more of a “chic” touch. As well as still being a little tough with the oversized black sweater. I added my converse bag to add a casual touch and one of my favourite necklaces as i think its awesome and the colours in it is gorgeous!


  1. January 30, 2014 / 12:27 am

    This is stunning! I love everything about your outfit, especially your boots xo

  2. January 30, 2014 / 12:59 pm

    I love this!!! xo

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