Hiya guys long time no talk! But its a new year, a new start so back on track for me! As ive already mentioned recently, November & December are kind of hard months for me due to the fact its my birthday and christmas. Im not very motivated at all. I think my subconscious thinks about my mum and it affects me more than i realise at this time of year. 

Anyway! I’ve been waiting a wee while to do this “looking back” post, as you have probably noticed the blogosphere is full of them! Ive never done one before and decided last year that i would do one this year. So sorry to follow the trend and bore you all with the same shizz… I hope you enjoy looking back at it anyway, and i guess if you are new then its a nice chance for you to see some stuff from earlier in the year! 

Also i wanted to thank everyone for all the support my blog & social media has received this year! It lightens up my heart every time i see some activity on anything 🙂 Good luck for this year and i hope you achieve any goals you have set yourself! Whether its huge or small it dosent matter, its an achievement 🙂 Personally, im not setting “new years resolutions” im setting one small goal at a time, then hopefully by the end of the year i can tick them off my list! If not, theres always next year 😉

(using lookbook as its easier to get all my outfits, plus most of them are collages so you can see a few photos of the one outfit for more details)











If you are wanting to know any of the outfit details, click on the photos and they should take you to lookbook where everything is linked underneath 🙂 Also if you want me to link the post links let me know below!


  1. January 12, 2014 / 10:01 am

    Great post babe!

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