Hiya! I know the post is called monday blues but these photos were taken yesterday! And i thought it would be a cool title for the post since it was monday and i was wearing blue, which was not done on purpose. I just felt a casual day was needed. But i didn’t want to go all out and wear my joggies and put on a scruffy hoody. I’m trying to wear something nice everyday, i fall out of the habit really easily though. If you haven’t always got somewhere to go or something to do the first thing that comes to my mind is throw on my old trusty comfy grey or navy blue Jack Wills joggers (see their joggers collection here), as they are literally amazing and the best. They are so soft. I feel so much better as a person when i am dressed, i feel like an actual human and not a horrid gremlin form the underworld. 

I’m going food shopping today so i’m pretty casual but still “styled”. I really need to get my haul videos up as well, as im desperate to wear the stuff i’ve actually gotten. I’m a bit weird, i don’t like to use the stuff i’ve gotten untill i’ve shown you guys in a haul. I know its bad but i’m really ocd about doing things in a weird ocd way that makes sense in my head. You know, i have my birthday/christmas i show you photos, then i show you a haul video and then i wear/use the stuff i’ve gotten and you get to see it in outfit posts! Although, i still haven’t photographed the outfits i wore for my 20th but im getting to get them up as soon as! I tell you what i need to do, make a list of all the videos and post i’m wanting to make. Then just make my way down the list 🙂

Cardigan- Primark

T-shirt- Abercrombie & Fitch

Trousers- Topshop

Bag*- Mistella buy here (different colours available!)

Creepers- Underground at Viper London buy here

Hat- Asos

Lipstick- Chanel in Legende


I didn’t really want to dress up so i seen these trousers and thought id chuck them on as i hadn’t worn them in a while. So i went for a blue t-shirt to match and my trusty chunky black cardigan as i wasn’t really leaving the house. I went to morrisons for my monthly mags. I thought the creepers would be a nice touch as well as being edgy. I thought about heels but i didn’t want that kind of look, i wanted to look a bit scruffy and laid back.

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  1. January 29, 2014 / 1:11 am

    This is gorgeous! I am SO obsessed with that bag xo

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