Hey guys, how are you all this fine lazy sunday? I have to say, i pretty much had my lazy day yesterday as we overslept waaaay too late! We were meant to be going out yesterday evening but due to the fact it was Saturday and we had forgotten to book somewhere, we decided to switch our weekend days around. We went to Chris’ parents for dinner yesterday and was treated to lovely italian meal. 

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Sundried tomatoes, mozzarella & seranno ham bruchetta  to start with and meatballs for main!

(excuse the camera quality)

Tonight i am very lucky and being treated to a fancy meal at one of my/our favourite restaurants! I’m so excited as we haven’t been in so long. If you ever get the chance and you are in town (Glasgow), make sure you pop over to the west end and visit Spuntini! Its an italian tapas and its fucking beautiful. Honestly one of the best restaurants i’ve ever been too. Ha i’ve just realised i’m having italian food two nights in a row… Oh well i’m not complaining one of my favourite types of food to eat. Im looking forward to the fact that i can also dress up quite fancy tonight, i haven’t really been “dressing up” in a while. You know, due to the fact im skint and it basically costs me £1.50 to just step out my door and thats not even doing an activity (obviously it dosen’t, but i’m trying to emphasise my poverty i hope you get where i was going with that…). 

I will have the post up tomorrow as i’ll be in quite late and we’re also going to see a movie 😉 so making a proper night of it! I also need to film and edit a few videos tomorrow, so fingers crossed i get something up on Youtube!

Cardigan- New Look

Top- The Pretty Reckless Concert

Chinos- New Look

Heels- New Look

Necklace- Vintage

Earrings- New Look

Bag*- Mistella buy here (loads of colours available!)

Brooch- Vintage


For some reason, i wanted to try and do an androgynous french kind of styled look. I think i achieved what i was going for. I know i was wearing heels but i really wanted to wear a pair yesterday, even though they arent really androgynous. I would say the look is kind of french and androgynous. I wanted to wear a t-shirt rather than a smart top, just to get the androgynous edge i was going for. Then i added my cardigan for some warmth as i was only stepping outside into a car and into a house again, so there was no need for a big coat! And omg im so in love with this bag! I couldn’t help but use it again, i’m sorry as it probably will make alot of appearances on here 😛


  1. January 26, 2014 / 5:02 pm

    love this outfit, you are really gorgeous! like, you're stunning! xx

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