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The Product

This nail polish is a part of a new encrusted collection by Essie, there are about six different gemmed goodies that you can choose from. This one is more whitish with tiny white and silver flakes, which can sometimes catch the light and give off a sparkle! Very glamourous & elegant looking! Its meant to be a “textured” kind of nail polish, rather than your usual glittery ones, which i totally agree with and understand where they were going with it. The nail polish does give a 3D effect to your nails. It can ether be used as a top coat over another colour or just by itself (or thats what i’ve tried with it anyway!). I’ve tried both just to try and give you an idea of the effect it does have and what it can look like. I would personally use it with and without another product as i think it looks great ether way. Its up to you at the end of the day! 


At first, it is a little weird as there are little bits in the nail polish and you don’t expect to feel a difference to usual nail polish. Sometimes you do have to move the glitter into place on your nail, which of course means it can take a while to fully apply to both of your hands. It also depends as well on how many layers you apply. I would personally suggest you try with one, then work up to your preference. You will have to give the first layer plenty of time to dry, as it could mean that the glitter will easily move when applying again. For my nails, i added two layers as i wanted a more opaque glittery look. 

1st Coat

2nd Coat


I was very impressed with how sturdy it was! I was worried with it being flakey glitter, but after a few days of washing, cooking, just generally using my hands and knocking them off things. There was not a chip in sight or a bit of glitter missing! The nail polish is VERY STURDY so you wouldn’t need to worry if you wanted to put it on the night before as it will last! Maybe not if you are working heavy machinery! But i would challenge you to the test 😉 As i do believe it still wouldn’t matter.

Where to buy & Price 

Available at HQHair

(Not available right now, so check out other ESSIE products here)




The reason for this is because of the time it can take to apply as its a little fiddily, but apart from that its fantastic! I will definitely be using this a lot on my nights out, especially to add a little glitzy glamorous touch. 

Disclaimer: I have been gifted this nail polish all opinions are mine. I will never accept a product if i do not like it or work with a company/brand if i do not like them.


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