The Brand

Nailtiques is a Florrida based brand that has been going since 1990. They are an innovator of healthy natural nails. Which is why they believe in using the highest quality of ingredients as well as using as many natural ingredients that they can. There are multiple products that they have which can be used for many of your nail problems! I love any brands that use natural substances in their products, as i feel they are much better and useful for you and your body.

The Product

This is a cuticle care oil which can be used to help your nails and cuticles if they are dry, as well as locking in the moisture, so that you aren’t having to re-apply throughout the day. It has a lot plant oils in it such as safflower seed oil, hemp seed oil (which is cannabis oil), avocado oil and tea tree oil. Which for me is a biggie as i’m more likely to believe that the product actually works as its not pumped full of chemicals. Its all nature working its magic! Theres also vitamin A & E in it. Oh and not to mention the smell of it! Its gorgeous and it lingers around for a while as well so your finger tips smell heavenly, its not a clinical smell at all!


Luckily, the application is with a roller so its very easy and handy to use. You don’t have to try and dribble a bit out and end of wasting half of it! I would say to use 2-4 strokes along the length of your nail, whatever the size of your nails may be, then use your fingertips to gently rub it in. As well as rubbing into the skin around your nails, as it can help with the dryness around them. Before you apply you need to make sure your hands are washed and are dry (I also like to cream my hands at the same time, just so that they are getting their moisture & care, two birds with one stone i say). How many times a day/week you apply i would say is preference. It will depend on how your nails feel to you, i personally only applied it a few times a week but i have heard that people like to apply a few times a day. So you will have to decide. I’m not sure if wearing nail polish will affect how many times you apply as i wasn’t wearing nail polish at the time of testing!

Does it do what it says on the tin?

Well i have to say i was hugely surprised (im a bit of beauty sceptic), i really did feel/find a difference in my nails. I could actually touch how soft and un-dry they had become (as well as smelling reaaaally good). I wasn’t even using it a lot. I had planned to use it every day of the week but due to my forgetfulness, there was the odd day i forgot to apply it. So due to the fact i was only applying a few strokes per nail 3-6 times a week AND my nails still manage to feel awesome. I would say that this product most definitely does what it says on the tin.


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Where to Buy & Price

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(other nailtiques products available here)



The reason for this rating is the price. I personally find it a lot of money for what the product does. If you are a huge beauty/nail fanatic then maybe you don’t mind spending that amount of money and its what you want/need so you’ll spend it. But for me i think its a lot, saying that though, the brand is all about natural ingredients, promoting “healthy nails” and i am a sucker for a product with natural stuff rather than man made chemicals.

Disclaimer: I have been gifted this cuticle care oil all opinions are mine. I will never accept a product if i do not like it or work with a company/brand if i do not like them.

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