Hiya, first all let me just start off with a sorry! These photos/posts are waaaay overdue and the reason its taken me so long is i was having trouble getting all of the videos off my camcorder onto my laptop (long story, lets not waste precious photo/outfit staring time!). And being the perfectionist that i am (with my blog & posting things that is :P), i wanted to wait until i could post it all together consecutively.

These photos were taken while i was on holiday last August, with all of my dads family. We were lucky enough to be staying in a villa (theres alot of us, so it isn’t as pricey!) to ourselves in Puerto Pollensa, Majorca. Which is a really lovely place to visit if you are just wanting to relax and enjoy the sun! It has a huge Bay, and everything is pretty much situated on the beach front which is really lovely to walk along. I was so excited as i’d never been on holiday with my little brother before, due to the fact that his mum and our dad aren’t together anymore so its alot harder to arrange things with him! It was basically just a chilled holiday where we all got to spend time together,  which dosent happen alot as everyone is busy with their lives back home, have time on our own as well if we wanted and to chillax. Sounds perfect right now dosent it? Oh and stuff our fat faces. Never forget the stuffing of the faces with food… Which im sure you seen all of the food photos from my instagram! I’ll probably do a collage of my insta-photos when i upload my holiday video.

I didn’t photograph every outfit, as i wasn’t really “dressing up” too much. I wasn’t really fussed about packing a fantastic wardrobe as i don’t really fuss over what im wearing when im with my family. I took more smart/casual outfits that could be dressed up or down if i added the one pair of heels i took with me. I normally just pack “scruffs”, which usually consist of a pair of skinny jeans and some comfy tees. But i thought i should take advantage of the awesome backdrops i would have gotten there! Im sure if i go on holiday with Chris the packing situation will be a whole lot different…

By the way it was my Uncle John who took my photos hence why they are different than usual! So weird posing for someone else…

I loved these cute old couples! Especially because they were holding hands still.

Couldn’t resist snapping these little cute ones! They were wearing matching dresses as well!

Dress- Strawberry Kats orginally from Topshop but on Ebay

Bag- Vintage

Heels- Asos


I wanted to take this dress on holiday as i hadn’t really had a chance to wear it yet and i thought on holiday would be a great chance to show it off. Its really light, so i wouldn’t get too hot as my body really DOES NOT deal with the sun! I decided to go with white bag/heels because it has tiny white stars so i thought they would match perfectly. And the fact that they were pretty much the only bag and heels i took with me… But i did co-ordinate everything before i went 😛 

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