Hiya guys, heres my 2nd post from my holidays! Silly me should have posted this one first though… then the star dress second. Not that it really matters but im a bit of a perfectionist with my blog and like everything to be done in order no matter how small it is! I know i shouldn’t really care as the posts are months late… But what can i say? Its a pet hate of mine 😛 I wish i could have given you a day by day run through of what i did but i really can’t remember! I am putting a video at the end of my posts so i will have a clearer memory of what i done then. 

There were days where i just wondered off myself and found a cute little cafe to have a bite to eat and a nice ice cold drink. I quite enjoy going off myself and exploring. I find the idea of going off and maybe getting lost a little bit exciting and cool. I want to try and get on the off beaten track with no tourist as much as possible. I want to see the “real local area” not just the side put on for us foreigners 😉 Obviously i would always do it the safest way possible, if i was in an area of a country where tourists just didn’t go, then it would not be on the top of my list to be an out of town person just wondering around without any knowledge of the local country or language. Im not prejudice against anyone, just thats common sense. Even if i was in an english speak country, there would still be places where it would not be safe for a tourist to venture into. And safety comes first people! 

I really enjoyed being with my little brother for a whole week, the most time i’ve spent with him really is a weekend. So its an un-usual experience to be “living” with him for a week. It was great though, as i found we got quite close during our time together. I noticed changes in the way he was with me, he was wanting to play with me a lot and be on my side and in a “team” which is so un-usual for him and a big step! Its normally him, my dad and my uncle (which means they always end up ganging up on me!) as i’m the only girl in the house when i go down… So naturally he wants to be with the MEN *to be read in a gruff manly mans voice… :P* 

Again these photos were not by Chris! These ones were taken by my Auntie Debbie, dont think she did too bad to be honest! The rest are mine though, the ones without me in them 😉

Walked by these everyday! They were gorgeous, loads of trees with them.

Hat- H&M

Dress- Punky Fish at New Look

Heels- Zara

Bag- Vintage


I thought this would be a really nice lady/elegant look. I love these designs of dresses as i find them so girly and easy to style. As well as being really comfortable! Plus ladies, they hide your food babies when you go out for a meal! Which is a huge plus for me, my tummy just doubles in size anytime i eat… With the styling i did want to go for a “ladies day at the races” kind of look, as i reallyyy love this had and thought id be probably wearing a hat alot due to the bright sun, also i wanted to go full on black and white monochrome. So added my simple black sandals and the vintage white bag to match the white polkadots! 


  1. January 17, 2014 / 2:54 am

    Wow it looks so gorgeous out there!!I would love to be there right about now! Love your dress and hat!!

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