Hiya everyone! How has your weekend been? I’ve had a great busy weekend! We went back to the wedding venue as we needed to just go over a few bits as well as showing my dad around! That was pretty exciting as it was his first time there, so i was looking forward to hearing what he thought about the place. He wasn’t overly excited, he is a male i suppose, but he definitely showed interest and was talking about it. So im pretty sure that he was impressed 😛 I got some video footage of the journey again, i’ve not included the venue as we are keeping that a secret right now. I don’t know if i’m going to announce where it is on twitter just before or if im going to wait until afterwards. Also, i’m not sure if i’m going to share the wedding photos or not. It is a personal private day and isn’t just my day. It’s Chris’ as well so will have to talk to him and see what he thinks about it!

My dad treated us to some lunch afterwards, i hadnt seen him since christmas and i can’t remember when Chris last saw him so it was nice to catch up! We actually went to a baxters restaurant… i know! Who knew they had places to eat?! Because we don’t really know the area we had to ask someone to direct us somewhere and thats where they sent us! We all thought it was the name of the next village 😛 We weren’t able to stop for photos at the borders ether, we were running a little late, it was raining loads and afterwards we just wanted to find a place to eat. Stopping for photos and photography wasn’t really a priority. Also because we came out of the venue a different way than we usually go we were also focused on finding the right way home, the roads were treacherous as well as there was tonnes of snow! It was quite sludgy so Chris was pretty much making sure he had control of the car.

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Had a good ol’classic scottish dish of haggis neeps (turnip) & tattys! (potatoes) I love it 😛

We got back pretty late and went for some dinner ourselves, so had to take photos in the dark!! Still getting used to it tbh! 

Coat- Vintage

Cardigan- Primark 

Dress- Can’t remember!

Bag*- Mistella buy here (other colours available!)

Hat- Asos

Heels- Jeffrey Campbell at Oxygen Boutique

Necklace*- Persunmall buy here

Lipstick- Limecrime in Glamour 101 buy here (in the uk)


I wanted something pretty smart and casual, plus the last time i went down i was pretty scruffy. I thought id pair this cute plaid dress with my tartan litas. Plus the tartans were a little different and i thought they werent pretty well together. Im wearing this cardigan constantly at the moment as its freezing here! I’ve also got a new obsession with this leather trench… i just think its so cool and i’ve not seen anyone in the blogosphere with one so i like that. I don’t like to be the same as everyone 😛

Also, don’t forget to check back later ether here or on my youtube for a video of our journey/trip!

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