Hiya guys! Oh. My. God. I know, i’m back! Where have i been i hear you all ask? Welllll to be perfectly honest i’m not really going to get too in depth about explaining my “internet-disappearance act” (unless you guys stalk me on Twitter & Instagram then you will have known i was alive), all you guys really need to know is; Yes i took a break and now IM BACK! And i really do promise that i am back for good 🙂 (well, for now anyway…Just Kidding! Im back for GOOD!) I want to get straight back into blogging as much as possible again, i’ve really missed it! My little blog has really become such a huge part of my life now, i feel almost lost if i don’t do anything with it… 

So i would have preferred to have been able to do my 20th birthday post before this one as i really like to do things in order, or it freaks me out. I know i’m weird but i’ve come to terms with that. BUT i have been having some issues with my SD card that i don’t think would have be sorted for today and i was pretty set on doing a post today. So i thought, oh well just get on with it and do my other one for now. As i might not even be able to sort the problems myself and will have to go into a shop, so it could take days or weeks. I don’t know! So i wasn’t prepared to wait that long to get back on track. I’ve come to terms that the post may be waaay into the future 😛

So i hope you are entertained & kept happy with this post for now!

Instagram- @hayley_mg

So Chris very kindly treated me this Valentines! Normally, we do go halfs on things like this, but he wanted to be a proper gentleman this year! What a lucky girl i am 😀 He took me to the hotel at which we had our meeting with our wedding caterer! So it was kind of extra special because of this, i will always know remember that i’ve had a wedding meeting & a valentines there. Its one of the most beautiful hotels i have ever had the pleasure to stay out! It was one of the Dakota Hotels, we actually went to the one in Glasgow (click here for the actual Glasgow site) but to be honest its not right in Glasgow i would say its on the other side of Glasgow compared to where we are (which is 15 mins away). I can still NOT get over the meal! Seriously one of the most amazing beautiful meals i have ever eaten! If you look at my instagram photos above you will see or just search for “addictionstoshoppingvalentines” on instagram. We also went to the cinema (cant remember what we seen) and the next day we went to frankie & bennys for breakfast. 

Look how big that pillow is! :O We didn’t sleep with it though.

For some reason i look a little ginger here?

Cute little cookies in a little jar! Soo awesome 😀 (with a bite out of it…LOL)


Cardigan- New Look

Jacket- Unif at Nasty Gal (half price)

Bag- Mistella buy here

Boots- Dr. Martens on Ebay (brand new for £50!!)

Tights- New Look


So i wanted something pretty casual for the day and because i was still obsessed with that brownish handbag, i thought i would go for a more neutral/burgundy kind of look. I really loved the outcome of the outfit it was still pretty & girly as well as being a little dark & grungy. I obviously had my Dr.Martens & my awesome unif leather jacket to help me feel not so girly! Which is obviously the COMPLETE OPPOSITE to my evening attire 😛 But what can i say? I always throw something in to be dark! 

Jacket- Minkpink at Asos (£120 to half price! Bargain)

Valentines Present T-shirt- House of Holland (wanted for ages)

Valentines Present Trousers- Asos (wanted for ages)

Heels- Topshop

Bag- Romwe (help add the dark to my outfit)

Headband- Crown & Glory

Lipstick- Topshop in Brighton Rock

Necklace- Primark

OUTFIT 2 DETAILS- Evening Wear

So i have this thing, where if i’m getting clothes/fashion kind of stuff as presents i always wear it that day/evening or for the event. Now as it wasn’t really a birthday/christmas type of event i knew what i was getting (so did Chris he asked for a new keyboard & mouse for his gaming PC) as i’d asked specifically for these items which were the top & trousers. So i had planned in advance i wanted to do a kind of pink extravaganza with my items 😛 The top is a very light pale pink and because the pills on it are blue & pink i thought im just gonna have to do it! Although, rather than wearing my pink baroque heels i switched them for the navy blue ones to go with the top and for a bit of contrast. As everything was pretty much pink…


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